Want to do a Fandub?

Want to do a Fandub?

  1. AshTheManKetchum
    I was thinking of doing a fandub of Dragonball Kai but, I'm open to anything.
  2. Trainer Lisa
    Trainer Lisa
    Ooh, I wanna do a fandub!! ^_^

    My friends say I do a pretty good Jessie voice. XD

    I was thinking we could try to do a fandub of "Hold The Phione", "The Lonely Snover", or "To Thine Own Pokemon Be True".

    It would be fun to do a fandub for a recent episode of Galactic Battle, hehe.
  3. AshTheManKetchum
    That would be really cool. We just need to get a team of voice actors together and someone who can video edit. I can do an Ash voice not like Veronica Taylor but my own rendition.
  4. Trainer Lisa
    Trainer Lisa
    Actually, I was gonna see if my friend wanted to do some Ash lines for the fandub (since her Ash voice sounds A LOT like Veronica's). XD

    But that would work too, if my friend doesn't have time to participate in this. =)
  5. AshTheManKetchum
    Thats fine
  6. Mitch
    Some of my friends say I could imitate voices of Pogeymanz characters.
  7. FistOfTheBeastKing
    I want to fandub Digimon Savers, and make it more true to the Japanese Version.

    DigiSoul is a MUCH better term than "Digimon Natural Ability".
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