The Lowdown

The Lowdown

  1. Catilena1890
    This group is for discussion of VS and to draw members to the site, and various other things, in this group, you may:

    Suggest event pokemon
    Discuss recent plot developments
    Discuss your opinions on other users of VS
    Make MINOR suggestions for the site and ask questions about mechanics and rules.

    You may NOT:

    Demand an event to happen to your character *well you can, but it won't be a good one*
    Suggest a plot *I have the entire plot of VS planned out for two segments
    Badmouth users for no reason *Read our Blacklist thread for details*
    Ask for a major overhaul of the site and its mechanics just so that you don't have to work for nice things.

    After that, it's all smooth sailing. Enjoy guys, I`ll post hints and secret tidbits and shit here. You are welcome to make posts and whatnot here, but don't neglect your favorite RP site to do so! Sneer will be mad, for reeulz yo.
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