Frontier Applications/Updates & Battle Logs

Frontier Applications/Updates & Battle Logs

  1. Captain Dude
    Captain Dude
    Please post applications for becoming a Brain and logs from your battles here. The ref still has to post his log on BMG/PE2k, so you can just copy/paste that one.

    URPG Name:
    Registered Pokemon:
    Special Rules:
    Venue you're applying for:
  2. Ash K.
    Ash K.
    URPG Name: Ash K.
    AIM: mewalcadiesmew/mewashmew
    Stats: Forum - Home
    Special Rules: Right now I'm thinking this: If it's Stadium/Colliseum/Revo/BW Revo/BW then after pokemon are selected both teams are revealed and each person can change 1 pokemon, then pick leads (if it's BW Revo teams are revealed with changes and then leads are picked). If it's GSC/RSE/DPPt each person sends x (a predecided number) of pokemon when they would send their first pokemon and their opponent picks one. You are NOT required to use the other pokemon you listed.
    Venue you're applying for: Battle Castle if Sinnoh/Johto; Battle Pyramid if Hoenn

    Pokémon (I'll probably change this a bit in the beginning as I try to find a team that works, but it should be mostly constant after that) (will put more into the non-Dragon Pokémon after they're part of my Frontier team): Aggron, Arcanine, Blaziken, Breloom, Charizard, Dragonite, Espeon, Hydreigon, Masquerain, Medicham, Rhyperior, Togekiss
  3. Eraizaa-kun
    URPG Name: Eraizaa-kun
    AIM: eraizaa
    Stats: Eraizaa's Stats
    Venue you're applying for: Battle Arcade
    Registered Pokemon: Dragonite, Arcanine, Mamoswine, Infernape, Gallade, Froslass, Dusknoir, Lapras, Gengar, Cinccino, Milotic, Walrein (The one with more TMs)
    Special Rules: I like to call this rule the Lucky 777 - Each battler is only allowed a total of 7 Physical Attacks (PA), 7 Special Attacks (SA), and 7 non-damaging moves(NDM) for the whole battle (That's per trainer and NOT per Pokemon) which will be counted at the end of each turn. Both the challenger and the Frontier Brain are expected to finish the battle within these parameters and attempt to win. If any of the challenger's move counters goes to 8 or more first, the battle will go on, but the challenger will not be considered the victor even if he/she wins the battle. If any of the Fronteir Brain's move counters reaches 8 or more first, that will be considered an instant forfeit and the challenger will win the battle. In the event that the battle can't be finished within these parameters, the first player to get exactly 7 of each of those moves will be considered the victor. In the event of a tie due to the special rule, the battler whose Pokemon have the highest sum of HP% will be considered the victor.
    Regular Rules: 4vs4, DP Revo, DOUBLE BATTLE, Holds on/off, OHKO Clause, Species Clause

    Examples of the rule:
    Frontier Brain's Poliwrath and Alakazam
    Challenger's Butterfree and Plusle

    Turn 1:
    Plusle used Helping hand. (NDM)
    Alakazam used Shadow Ball. (SA)
    Poliwrath used Brick Break. (PA)
    Butterfree used Silver Wind. (SA)

    The Frontier Brain's counter would look like this (PA-1; SA-1; NDM-0)
    The challenger's counter would look like this (PA-0; SA-1; NDM-0)

    Let's say that the Frontier Brain's counter was (PA-4; SA-7; NDM-5) and the Challenger's counter was (PA-4; SA-6; NDM-7) at the start of a turn and the turn went like this:

    Alakazam used Protect (NDM)
    Plusle used Thunder (SA) on Poliwrath and Ko'd
    Butterfree used Silver Wind on Alakazam (SA) and failed

    At the end of the turn, the counters would be:
    Frontier Brain's (PA-4; SA-7; DNM-6)
    Challenger's (PA-4; SA-8; NDM-7) <<< The challenger got an 8 in special attack so he/she will not receive a victory in the Frontier Arcade during this battle regardless of the ending results.

    Note: Switching, using Struggle, and failing to move due to Flinch, Sleep, Paralysis, Attract, Confusion, Recharging and things of the sort will not increase any move counters.
    Also: Using moves that turn into other moves (Metronome, Sleep Talk, Copycat, Me First, etc.) will increase a counter depending the resulting move (Ex. using Mirror Move to copy Psybeam will increase the Special Attack counter; using Assist and getting Defend Order out of it will increase the non-damaging move counter)
  4. We Taste Pies...
    We Taste Pies...
    URPG Name: We Taste Pies...
    AIM: imsocorn
    Stats: URPG Stats
    Special Rules: For future use, the Tier List I'll be using

    Revo/BW Revo
    Helds On
    Sleep Clause
    Freeze Clause
    OHKO Clause
    Evasion Clause
    No Terrain
    No Weather

    Using the above Tier list, both the Challenger is rolled:

    3x Tier 1 Mons
    3x Tier 2 Mons
    3x Tier 3 Mons
    3x Tier 4 Mons

    and the Brain, likewise, also receives 3 mons of each tier, but he is able to select his 12.

    Each battler must choose 6 mons to use of those 12 mons. Additionally, out of the pool of 12, 6 mons from each team are revealed at random to both battlers, however, neither battler will know which of their mons were revealed to their opponent. All moves and DW abilities are available as well as any held item.

    Additionally, if the rents will be a problem, I'll just use the same battle rules above (skipping the whole rented stuff) with a slight modification: The challenger will have all 12 of their mons rolled randomly from their stats. The Brain will select his 12 from his stats. Half of each of their teams are revealed privately, then they choose which mons they will use. Battle proceeds as usual.
    Venue you're applying for: Factory (Preferably named "Dildo")
  5. Eraizaa-kun
    Added the 12 Pokemon. That's a for now list because I am working on capturing more, some of which I want on the team.
  6. Mubz
    URPG Name: Mubz
    AIM: Mubz96
    Stats: Here
    Registered Pokemon: Dragonite, Infernape, Jolteon, Starmie, Togekiss, Swampert, Gallade, Garchomp, Ludicolo, Metagross, Alakazam, Abomasnow
    Special Rules: After Rules are posted i pick 2 types. Opponent must have atleast 2 mons of each type in their team (will pick types after looking at their stats to see if they actually have enough of said types). Dual Types are allowed as both Eg. 4v4. I Pick Water and Electric. Opponent can have Jolteon, Rotom-W, Starmie and another mon of their choosing (since they already fulfilled 2 mons of elec and water)
    Venue you're applying for: Battle Hall
  7. WebMaster
    URPG Name: WebMaster
    AIM: webdragoon1337
    Stats: WebMaster's stats
    Registered Pokemon: Metagross, Dusknoir, Gliscor, Dragonite, Blaziken, Houndoom, Crobat, Gengar, Haxorus, Swampert, Infernape, Mamoswine
    Special Rules: Pokemon from both sides are paired in six 1v1 competitions. A seventh round will be played if there is a tie after 6.
    IMPORTANT: Reflects, Light Screens and Tailwinds carry over to the next battle while other stats do not. Destiny Bond is not allowed.
    Venue you're applying for: Battle Tower
  8. Captain Dude
    Captain Dude
    Ash K., you are now the Brain of the Battle Castle.

    Eraizaa-kun, you are now the Brain of the Battle Arcade.

    We Taste Pies..., you are now the Brain of the Battle Factory.

    WebMaster, you are now the Brain of the Battle Tower.

    Mubz, you're not approved yet because of your rules. Mav and I don't agree with how you are able to pick what types your opponent uses, and then use whatever Pokemon you want. Please balance it out or come up with new rules, I'll be glad to help.

    You guys are our first batch of Brains, I trust you will defend your venues and help the Ultra Frontier rise in the URPG Community. I'm very pleased with all your rules and the aspect of new strategy you are bringing to The Ultra Frontier, which is exactly what Mav and I were hoping for. The Ultra Frontier is now open, good luck to all of you in becoming Frontier Master and defending your venues.
  9. Eraizaa-kun
    Well, no one has challenged me yet, but I think I'll update my team anyways.

    Dragonite >>> Lucario
    Froslass >>> Weavile
    Gengar >>> Sawsbuck
  10. Ash K.
    Ash K.
    idk if this is still alive, but if it is I'll follow Eraizaa's lead

    Arcanine --> Ninetales
    Masquerain --> Eelektross

    Might make a few other replacements shortly, idk.
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