*Drabble to be named later*

*Drabble to be named later*

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  1. Tsutarja
    This is actually ... good. The first chapter had some really nice description. :D

    licking the Grass Snake smoothly and gently
  2. Lumi
    I like where this is heading. I really like that idea of "Pokémon translator".

    LOL @ the sexual innuendos.
  3. Sweet Veil
    Sweet Veil
    "The Pokemon Translator" Chapter 3

    Ben's ears felt like they had just heard an explosive bomb of news go off. A very strange peculiar thing had just entered his mind.

    "Understanding Pokemon?" he chatotted the phrase back at Melissa once more hoping for some elaboration.

    "Well let's meet up after school, I'll explain what I mean." Melissa said calmly.

    "Ok..." Ben fell silent as he had never really had too many friends due to being known for being weird or the type people wouldn't want to be around. Soon, Coach Clay the stout large man with his white large cowboy hat on came over to the duo.

    "I assume ya finished yer three on threes?" he asked in a deep tone.

    "Yes sir," they answered in unison.

    "Good, and Ben dunt ya be late again." he said walking away while grabbing the front of his hat in adjustment.

    "Wow, he certainly is strict." Melissa said harshly as she took a seat on the gym bleacher sporting her white shirt and dark blue shorts.

    "Well Coach Clay is from another city in the Unova Region, I forget what it's called, Friftveil or something he's a businessman. Our school signed a contract for his physical health plan to make a "healthier generation of Unova young men and women." or something like that, so he along with other people are assisting in getting it started up. He's leaving to go back during Spring Break." says Ben.

    "Okay I see, well that explains his grumpiness. But, anyway I'm just gonna go ahead and tell you the suspense is killing me." she said grinning.

    "The Pokemon translator stuff?" asked Ben.

    "Yep, well you see. Nearly a year ago the Unova Region was in a state of catastrophic possibly oblivion thanks to a group known as Team Plasma."

    "I heard about that I remember how scared and excited everyone was." Ben said calmly.

    "Well there was this guy the king of Team Plasma known as "N" I think. He managed to manipulate the hearts and minds of many people and Pokemon. Not only that but, it's believed the group that aligned themselves under Team Plasma a group of sages or something and the boy's father could understand Pokemon too they just never stated so to give the boy a sense of uniqueness and high regard. And it's believed that many strong trainers like the Elite Four can understand Pokemon though this is just a rumor, and the gym leaders of Opelucid City the Spartan Mayor, Drayden and Iris can understand the hearts of Dragon Type Pokemon." Melissa explained.

    "I see, I see." Ben concurred.

    "Well, the higher ups in the Pokemon League association as well as other associations never want to see the type of chaos, heartache, and awful events of that time befall Unova or any region again. This is the main reason I also came here, because of all the languages I can understand I can be an ambassador or translator for foreign trainers and was sort of assigned to come here and that worked conveniently with my mom moving here too. So, events like that can never happen again by me helping people and Pokemon know each other better. But, I wanna go further then that, I wanna be able to understand Pokemon as well as be in the Pokemon translator unite too, that's why I wanna learn to understand Pokemon. To do that all I know what I have to do is become a strong trainer and form a great relationship with my Pokemon. But, I don't know what else to do besides that though......"

    "Oh, that explains it." Ben said feeling stupid.

    "I can tell you and your Buizel have a very good relationship. I can tell you two have been going at it in battle and have been training long and hard for a long time." Melissa beamed.

    "Yes, I guess......" the boy said quietly holding Buizel's Pokeball in hand "this Buizel really means the world to me, it "saved" me so to speak." Ben said with his eyes watering up a bit no doubt remembering a past event.

    "I wish I could say the same for your Tepig sorry Snivy creamed it" Melissa added.

    "Oh yeah, this Tepig really isn't mine. It's suppose to be a family pet, but it doesn't like me. It prefers my brother, but since I only have two official Pokemon my mom thought it would be a great idea to add this Tepig to my team." Ben explained.

    "Oh, I see your Snivy is pretty cute." Melissa said while blushing.

    "Yeah, it's my starter." Ben said equally as embarrassed. "It's really cool your working up to understanding Pokemon."

    "So what do you have planned for Spring Break?" she asked.

    "I'm going to challenge to the Castelia Gym and travel to Nimbasa City for a trip."

    "With your family?"

    "No, just myself" Ben said feeling like a loser.

    "Well, I'm not doing anything so......" Melissa stopped akawardly "can I travel with you? It would be a chance to explore and learn new translator stuff." she said ending with a large dimpled grin on her face.

    Ben felt happy and confused at the same time, he never had anyone who actually wanted to be around him as a friend or companion he immediately said,"Sure, it will be fun." smiling into Melissa's face happily.

    "Still wanna hang out after school?" she said.

    "Yeah. And I know the perfect place." Ben said agreeing.

    "Ok, Benny it's a deal."

    Benny, he thought to himself he had never been given a nickname by anyone he liked it. "Thanks" Ben beamed. "So are you into anime?" Ben asked.

    "Yeah, I'm currently watching this anime called, Somethin' or Another."

    "Really, I am too." Ben made conversation. The two continued to conversate the whole P.E. period until the one on ones finished. Unknown to them both a force was watching the both of them, grinning mischievously.

    Author Notes:Sorry if this chapter was boring, I needed to use it as set up. I'll make the next chapter a lot of fun XD

    Next Chapter:Chapter 4
  4. Lumi
    Benny!!! :D
  5. Tsutarja
    Like I said, not much happened in this chapter. :P
  6. Sweet Veil
    Sweet Veil
    "A Problematic Poke-Maniac!" Chapter 4

    Ben walked through the apartment complex hallways, the brown carpet many brown doors looking exactly alike.

    "134...133..132 here it is." Ben said to himself. He tentatively gave the door two knocks. And he fell silent completely listening to what was going on inside.

    "STUPID BITCH!" Melissa burst through the door.

    "I don't give a shit!" another female voice entered the scene yelling from inside the house but not visible to Ben.

    "Fine take it!" Melissa said pulling out a Pokeball and throwing it toward the person with great force. "Lickitung is more happy with me and you know it! But, whatever!" Melissa stormed out of the house slamming the door behind her. "Oh, Benny are you ready?" she said as her voice and tone returned to her normal sweet behavior.

    "Um, yeah." he answered as the two walked away from the apartment.

    "So, what's this place you wanna go?" Melissa asked.

    "I'll show not tell." Ben said quietly. He wanted to ask what was up with Lickitung but, he decided not to get involved.


    After about 40 minutes of walking the duo came upon a forest entrance.

    "Welcome to Pinwheel Forest." Ben said trying to sound professional.

    "Wow, it's really pretty." Melissa said admiring the viridian emerald greenery that surround the massive trees, and the many Bug and Grass type Pokemon that crawled and walked around.

    "So, Melissa if we're going on a trip to Nimbasa. I thought maybe it would a good things to capture more Pokemon. Since I only have two and you only have two." Ben said meekly expecting to get a mean reaction.

    "Great!" she said smiling "so this is what you had planned." the duo walked down the lush green path until they came to a tall treetop. Noticing a monkey like green figure jumping from branch to branch. Ben used his Pokedex on it.

    Pansage the Grass Monkey Pokemon. It shares the leaf on its head with weary-looking Pokémon. These leaves are known to relieve stress.

    "Oh, I already have my Snivy as my main Grass Type" said Ben not wanting to bother with it.

    "Fine I'll catch it." Melissa said egotistically. "Snivy, your up!" Melissa tossed a Pokeball and the smug Grass Snake exploded from it.


    "Snivy go get that Pansage now! Use Vine Whip on it!" Snivy began to scale the tree using it's vines as arms grabbing each limb and rebounding on each branch climbing at top speed. The Pansage sat there enjoying a nice red banana. Until a vine came down from above smacking it across the head, as it's piece of fruit went flying away. It was on the verge of spilling tears.

    "Pansa!" a bunch of multi-colored leaves formed from the tree Pansage was in and the leaves went flying at Snivy.

    "Snivy, Leaf Tornado!" Pansage easily jumped out of the way of the funnel of leaves with great agility. Pansage got really close to Snivy and stuck out it's tongue drenching the Grass Snake and licking it viciously, Snivy then fell out of the tree.

    "SNIVY!" Melissa said as she caught the fainted Pokemon. "Wow, that Pansage's one tough cookie." Melissa said returning Snivy too it's ball.

    "Then why won't you let me catch it!" a female voice entered. A young girl with slightly tanned skin, brown hair the same color as dirt and green eyes as lush as the Pinwheel Forest itself said. She hurled a Pokeball up at the tree. Out came small brown rabbit or fox looking Pokemon.

    "Eevee~" the Pokemon said sweetly.

    "Eevee?! That's a kinda rare Pokemon" Ben once again was captain obvious.

    "Eevee, scale the tree and get that Pansage" the Pokemon ran up the tree with great agility. The same multi-colored leaves raced toward Eevee.

    "Swift!" the girl said valiantly as multiple stars shot from Eevee's mouth causing a small explosion of debris.

    "Pansage? Pan?" Pansage blinded couldn't see due to the smoke.

    "Take Down!" the fox ran toward Pansage tackling it square in the chest as it fell from the tree to the earth.

    "Oh, crap!" Melissa said concerned.

    "I gotta aim correctly." the Eevee girl said tossing a Pokeball at the Pansage just before it hit the ground. The Grass Monkey was sucked inside, the ball shook until it emitted a small ray of sparkles.

    "Yeah, I got a Pansage" the girl said smiling and posing with Pansage's Pokeball.

    What a weirdo she's like one of those trainers from on tv. Ben thought to himself.

    "Um, who are you?" he asked.

    "I'm Gina, nice to meet you." the girl answered.

    "And you two must be from Castelia. Judging from how deep you are in this forest." she said.

    "You're from Striaton right?" Melissa asked, thinking she most likely couldn't be from Castelia or possibly Nacrene.

    "Yush~, the home city of the ever fabulous Striaton Trio!" Gina said with her arms in the air smiling.

    "Um...let's get out of this forest." Melissa said.

    The three walked toward Castelia spending thirty minutes on the trek back.


    Melissa's Apartment

    "So, you're a trainer like us?" Ben asked.

    "Yush~ I'm a so called Pokemaniac by my friends." she said grinning. "I've been trying to capture a Pansage for the longest because the most amazing Gym Leader ever, "Cilan" has one. You two just so happened to be around, that Pansage is a real toughie." Gina said holding out the newly caught's Pokeball. "But, I finally got it."

    "Hm....." Ben said listening intently.

    *KNOCK KNOCK* a knocking was heard at the door.


    (AND let's end this right here. Next time. Part 2 of Chapter 4 of "Problematic Pokemon Maniac" :P)
  7. JennaJayfeather
    I like this "Gina" character....whoever she may be~ trololol 8D
  8. Lumi
    Welcome to the story Pokemaniac. :P
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