*Drabble to be named later*

*Drabble to be named later*

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  1. Bubble Frog
    Bubble Frog
    Illuminating Life

    Ben starred anxiously as he walked through the halls of the school. It was hard to believe Spring Break would only be next week, he would then take the first step toward his journey and his beginning. The boy never thought much of himself, his pale skin giving off the illusion he never had been in the sun, and the boy's deep blue azure eyes contrasting with his black hair so much. Said eyes giving off the look of an abused lillipup, no amount of sleep could get rid of the rings around his eyes and no amount of tears or sorrow could bring him to try to get rid of them. He soon came to a classroom walking in, the room gave off a moderate light lit by the sun outside.

    "Thankfully there aren't a lot of people here," he said to himself arriving before everyone else. He proceeded to walk over taking a seat in a desk near the window to the back, Ben couldn't believe how anxious and nervous he would get around others. Why did he do this he said to himself. He sat down in the chair feeling tired, he took out a small metallic red and white sphere rolling it in the palm of his hand, playing with it out of boredom feeling the hard surface on his soft palm. Soon one by one the class arrived and the bell rang. Standing in the front of the room was Ben's teacher, Ms.Armageddon. Ben never cared too much for her, mainly because of her favoritism toward other student, and name calling of him.

    "Class I would like to introduce a new student today," a young pretty girl entered the scene. Brown flowing hair silky as if dusted with gold and fined over years, beautiful clear skin, alongside a nearly average body weight and stature.

    A new student right before Spring Break?, Ben thought to himself.

    "I'd like you all to give a warm welcome to our new student, Melissa." the class clapped toward Ms.Armageddon.

    "Nice to meet you all," Melissa said fondly. She proceeded to take a seat near a bunch of finely dressed, sharp kids, known by and nicknamed by Ben as "the populars" or "cool kids", Ben didn't give Melissa a second look and he simply pawned her off as being yet another bitchy popular kid.

    "So where are you from, I'm Karl" a ginger-haired boy asked.

    "I'm from the Sinnoh Region, but I'm staying here in Castelia Bosnian Area for a long while. My family owns a apartment here," the girl answered politely.

    "Oh Sinnoh I've heard it's a really great place,"the boy corresponded back.

    "Yeah, it sure is it's a lot like Unova only less diverse but, I've learned many languages from living there since I was young," she said smiling happily. "Spanish, English, German, I'm even studying Madarian Chinese. I'm actually a college student but, this school supposedly has college classes so it counts."

    Ben's ears perked up at the mention of Melissa's Trilingual-ness. He listened attentively to her from the back interested, because of his own multi-language nature.

    "I wanna be a translator." She said perky as can be.

    "Ring, ring, ring!" the bell went off.

    "Time for P.E.," Ben said distraught. He walked to the gym sporting a pair of black shorts and a white t-shirt, as he walked into the gym moaning under his breath.

    "Why are ya late!" the coach lectured.


    "Get one lap around the gym," the man said irritated.

    "Yes, Coach Clay." Ben began to encircle the gym floor.

    "Now, lissen' here today we're doin' three on threes everyone should have brugh three Pokemon for today." he paired each child up with another. "Lissen here mad'em," he explained to Melissa "when knot head over there finishes runnin' he's gonna be yer opponent, so explain the succumbstances ya here?"

    "Yes, sir" Melissa answered with no problem.

    So, a battle against him? Interesting, she thought to herself.

    To be continued......

    Next Chapter Preview coming up next!
  2. Lumi
    Lol, well it's good so far haha.

    I particularly like this sentence:

    playing with it out of boredom feeling the hard surface on his soft palm.
  3. Bishie Karis-chan
    Bishie Karis-chan
    ^ Curse you, double meanings.

    Well, it's different, I'll give it that. But I don't really know what to think of it ._.
  4. Bubble Frog
    Bubble Frog
    Quote Originally Posted by Lumi
    Lol, well it's good so far haha.

    I particularly like this sentence:

    Har-har :)
  5. JennaJayfeather
    Haha nice job Gotpika! ^^ Continue. XD Why did I not join Ben's fanclub until now? ._.;
  6. Bubble Frog
    Bubble Frog
    Ben and Melissa Chapter 2

    "Humph," Ben breathed as he finished the lap. He looked around noticing everyone had a partner, he wondered in confusion. Until a voice snapped him into reality.

    "Um...hi." a young feminine voice said. "You're Ben correct? I'm your battling partner. We're doing three on threes." Ben looked in embarrassment. "You're going to need three Pokemon."

    "Oh! Sorry sorry." Ben said nervously. He walked to one side parallel to Melissa, Man, I'm weird. What if she thinks I'm stupid or retarded. he thought to himself.

    "Ben! Are you ready?" Melissa said vibrantly.

    "Yes." he said clearly confident sounding.

    "Okay! Gothita, Go!" a baby Goth looking humanoid Pokemon appeared before Ben, he didn't need a Pokedex definition as he knew already Gothita was a more seldom seen Pokemon among many trainers. He thought to himself taking out a Pokeball and words creeping out of his mouth.

    "Buizel, your up!" he said as a orange weasel appeared before Gothita.

    "Oh, a Buizel~," Lumi said pointing a Pokedex at it.

    Buizel, the Sea Weasel Pokemon. It spins its two tails like a screw to propel itself through water. The tails also slice clinging seaweed. It's tail is known to be used as one of it's main weapons of attack, by inflating its flotation sac, it keeps its face above water in order to watch for prey and predator movement.

    Ben couldn't help but grin noticing the Sinnoh Pokedex's different design. He took no time ordering his Pokemon, "Sonic Boom!". Multiple sound burst flew toward the baby goth, Lumi simply grinned.

    "Psychic." she said calmly as a bluish aura surrounded the burst and they simply dispersed.

    "Psychic, again!" the same bluish energy surrounded Buizel and the Pokemon was thrown into the air and simply slammed to the ground again and again violently. Ben's eyes looked as if they've gotten to a point of spilling tears.

    "Water Gun!" the Sea Weasel spat jets of water around in an attempt to disrupt Gothita, despite it being a vain effort.

    No. No. The Pokemon that saved my life. Please., Ben thought to himself. "Your tail Buizel!".

    "Bui!?! Bui!" the Pokemon's tail span like the propeller on a boat and it's floaty around it's neck puffed up.

    "It's kinda hard for Gothita to focus with all that extra struggle," Melissa said aloud as her Gothita began to admit signs of fatigue.

    "NOW, PURSUIT!" Buizel went flying toward Gothita diving toward the baby goth with it's arm admitting a darkish light and smacking Gothita.

    "Goth-Goth~!" Gothita cried.

    Melissa went over comforting the Pokemon, "There there, Gothita." pointing a Pokeball at Gothita and sending it inside it's Pokeball after giving it a gentle kiss on the forehead.

    "Thank you Buizel." Ben said calmly clearly lighting up around Melissa. "Bui-Bui~" the Weasel said happily and confident before going back inside it's home.

    "Wow, your not that bad." Melissa complimented.

    "Thank you," Ben said to Melissa smiling weakly.

    "Ok, next up is your turn!" Melissa said with a full heart. A pink Pokemon with white marks appeared before Ben, it's tongue being ridiculously large. Ben pointed his Pokedex at it.

    "Ok, Snivy!" a green snake like Pokemon appeared with a smug expression of self importance on it's face.

    "Vine Whip!" two slender vines raced toward Lickitung.

    "Lick." Melissa said calmly. Lickytung's long tongue jetted toward Snivy like an out of control train licking the Grass Snake smoothly and gently. Snivy began to cringe.

    "Urghhhh.." Ben said under his breath.

    "Leaf Tornado!" Ben's Snivy got on the ground doing what looked like break dancing as a tunnel of leaves flew toward Lickytung.

    "Dig!" the pink Pokemon borrowed away just in time. And exploded upward against Snivy, "now Lick again" the long tongue nearly completely covered Snivy Ben watched in horror as he heard a suction cup like sound and when Lickitung removed it's tongue Snivy sat there lying on the ground fainted.

    "I'm sorry Snivy." Ben said returning his Pokemon.

    "Great job Licky!"

    "Licky-Licky." the Pokemon said before giving Melissa a short kiss on the cheek before going into's Pokeball.

    "Ok, last battle Ben..." Melissa said smiling. Ben couldn't understand why she was so nice, yet she hung among the populars.

    "My last Pokemon Snivy, this your shot!" a Grass Snake appeared. Ben had a stunned look on his face. "You didn't think I wouldn't have one of these little beauties too, this Snivy is my starter so it's easy to know how to battle one for me." She said winking. Ben, looked on beside himself on what to do.

    He took out a Pokeball, thinking to himself. I really need your help and support. Tossing the Pokeball onto the battle field, a small pig Pokemon appeared firey and tough looking.

    "I know you prefer Armin, but please try to help me out!" he yelled to the Tepig.

    "Tep!" the pig said agreeing.

    "Leaf Storm!"

    "Incinerate!" a blast of blazing hot fire flew toward the Leaf Storm enveloping and burning it away and hit Snivy hard.

    "My dear! Oh, I'm such an idiot" Melissa said annoyed.

    "Flame Charge Tepig!" the pig stomped it's feet on the ground as dust seemed to pick up off of it's feet as it went rocketing toward Snivy with pure violence in it's eyes.

    "Aaaaaatract" Melissa said while winking. Snivy winked as well as hearts encircled Tepig and Tepig seemed to be under a trance as it began to fawn and swoon over Snivy.

    "Tepig!" Ben screamed.

    "Ok, Twister~!" a large spiraling twister of blue dragon energy went flying from Snivy's tail as it break danced on the ground hitting the enamored Tepig.

    "Now Vine Whip" the vines raced toward Tepig smacking it dead end on the head as it hit the ground knocked out.

    "Nice job Snivy." Melissa said.

    "Sniiiiiivv." the Pokemon said proudly before leaving into it's Pokeball.

    Ben felt broken, surely he had lost Tepig's respect for good he thought before bringing it into it's ball. He began to walk away before Melissa caught up to him.

    "You were fantastic Ben!"

    "Thank you." he said meekly.

    "I thought your Buizel was the best out there, you two seem to have something deep. It was really great the way you turned things around" she said smiling. "Your Snivy is cute, I also heard you're studying other languages as well."

    "Yeah, I'm am." Ben's eyes lit up. "I heard you were going to be a translator in the future."

    "Yep~, I love different languages so many different cultures and things to say."

    "You'll be able to help a lot of people and meet many people." Ben added.

    "Not just people, Pokemon as well. Since I'm gonna be a Pokemon translator too." she said gracefully. Ben's mind somersaulted at the idea of someone understanding Pokemon and what she said, was it possible.

    "Understanding Pokemon?" he said.


    NEXT CHAPTER:"The Pokemon Translator"

    Guys, this is gonna be it on the battling for while. XD I just wanted to use it as a way to introduce the two. :D
  7. Kakuna Matata
    Kakuna Matata
    That teacher sounds like a potential Big Bad based on her name.
  8. Bishie Karis-chan
    Bishie Karis-chan
    Snivy can learn Twister? o_o
  9. Bubble Frog
    Bubble Frog
    @Hypersonic Lol, yeah XD Why wouldn't it?
  10. Bishie Karis-chan
    Bishie Karis-chan
    I...well, I never did look at the list of Egg Moves for it. ._.
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