Your own Universe

Your own Universe

  1. Flaze
    I thought that maybe, to make things more varied anyone could put their own universes in this group, I got the ok from Instrutilus as well, so basically if you have any idea for a Pokemon universe just post it here along with what makes it different from any other Pokemon universes you know.

    Mine's the advanceverse, an universe where things from the games, anime and manga come together and create a whole new universe that also manages to have its own original plot. One of my fanfics Pokemon Academy Dragon's Roar takes place in this universe along with the things that led to the fic.

    Some of my RPs also take place in this universe.

    Now it's time for you guys to make your own universes
  2. AceTrainer14
    I do have my own universe called the Galactic Verse. Galactic comes from my main series, Galactic, ironically enough :P I always think it is kind of funny, as Team Galactic is trying to make their own universe.

    The timeline isn't completely sorted at the moment, but I will begin making a list of that soon! :D However, these stories all fall under my verse:
    - Red vs Leaf
    - Kris vs Gold
    - Galactic
    - Left Behind
    - The Morale Highground
    - How to Conquer Kanto in Eight Easy Steps
    - A Wish on Freedom
    So, as you can see, there are quite a lot of stories! Upcoming stories also set in this verse including
    - Various Galactic related stories
    - A Week in the Life of a Murder Victim
    - Seraphina
    - Left Behind 2
  3. boondockArtist
    if I could soon become more popular as a writer, I'm going to establish the ReignVerse. The main story, Reign of Legends takes place in the island region of Gento (from the hack game pokemon ruby destiny: reign of legends) and the main character Wayne has to stop the teams royal darkness and light cenaries trying to engulf the world in night and bathe the world in sunlight.
    Another story that would fall in this universe would be my unamed pokecat story which has 12 year old Michael from our world gaining the ability to travel to the pokemon world. The next time he tried it with his cat with him, but can't go back and prof. Krane finds him and instructs him to go to prof. Oak. Along the way, he has to stop team dark cipher (team rd combined with team cipher.
    So here is my pre 'verse idea which more will be added on if I'm allowed
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