Moves and their Histories.

Moves and their Histories.

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  1. Instrutilus
    As you're well aware, I tend to look into Pokémon a bit more scientifically for the lulz. It has subsequently affected the Travelsverse, in that it has more logical reasons then summoning a tidal wave in Surf. So, I've created this topic for those who want to know how moves work and histories I'll make up on the spot for them =P Let's see how creative I can get!

    First up, Surf!

    Surf, a common move used to transport trainers over bodies of water. When the move is used in battle, the Pokémon using it fires a strong, continuous stream at the floor or ocean, which causes the water to bounce and spreads out in a tidal wave motion that strikes the opponents and partner hard.

    It was developed by a trainer who was surrounded by opponent Pokémon and had his Wartortle fire a Hydro Pump to the floor, slightly weakening the move but managing to strike all the surrounding Pokémon and himself. He was ok, and named the move after the action of surfing on a tidal wave. The move was later developed into a device called 'HM', which teaches the Pokémon how to safetly transport a trainer upon itself and how to use the move in battle.
  2. Oblivion

    Thunder, one of the more commonly used Electric-type attacks, as well as the most devastating. It is used by shooting a lightning bolt into the above clouds, causing them to turn into thunderclouds and release the electricity onto the targeted foe.

    It was developed by a trainer, who used his Pokemon to shoot an electrified bolt into the clouds where hostile bird Pokemon lied. The attack accidentally caused a thunderstorm, frying all of the birds into KFC. The trainer, doing the common mistake of mistaking lightning for thunder, named the attack Thunder.
  3. Instrutilus
    =P Yeah, Thunder's kinda like that, 'cept it can be used in cloudless skies. It uses the residual static electricity in the sky, returns the electricity to the sender, who fires it like Thunderbolt.

    Though please let me do the moves, since I've already got an idea for each move, I've just got no way to write it down at the moment, what with my net constantly going down.
  4. Flaze
    How does Fire Blast work?

    Also, how does Thunder work indoors.
  5. Instrutilus
    Fire Blast has the Pokémon charge up a Flamethrower, then fire it in one big blast that, when impacting, tends to shoot out into five arms when it hits the target. It's more powerful because the blast is unable to cool like Flamethrower's stream. It's a natural talent Pokémon get the more experienced in battle they become.

    Thunder indoors works by the Pokémon building up static then firing it. It takes a small while, longer then letting it build in the sky, and the target can move to a safe spot, making it 'inaccurate'. Attacking the Pokémon while it's doing it will just cause the attack to discharge and fire at all angles, hitting the target and the trainers, making that strategy a fairly bad idea. Since it's in an enclosed area, trainers usually feel the static on their skin building up. This variation is also a natural talent, rather then the outside variant which was formed when a trainer fired a bolt into the skies, aiming for a Flying-type, which promptly fired back down to the Pokémon, who redirected the attack at the target.
  6. Flaze
    Okay, thanks

    And also, how does Double Edge work oh and Arial Ace?
  7. Instrutilus
    The Pokémon just runs so fast, when it hits the opponent the Pokémon feels the impact alot harder then most other moves. It was developed by one of the Kanto Gym Leaders, when trying to get more power out of Slam

    Aerial Ace has the Pokémon fly around the opponent, until the opponent can no longer keep track. When that's the case, the Pokémon swoops in at high speeds and slashes the opponent with either it's razorsharp wings or talons. It was developed when a Bird Keeper kept training their Pokémon to be faster, and ended up hurting someone when they hadn't seen the Pokémon coming and was struck by the tips of the wings.
  8. Flaze
    That Aerial Ace was pretty funny
  9. Jaccer
    Hmm, how about Perish Song?
  10. Instrutilus
    The Pokémon learns a song that acts as a natural shut down for all Pokémon's brains, just as all living things have a natural shutdown mechanism (humans do to, just it's rather difficult to find and we've found it to be a quicker job to just smack a person over the head). However, it takes a short while to actually take effect, hence three turns in-game. Once over, both Pokémon affected shut down and enter the fainted status. It's a natural thing learnt by Lapras, which then spread to other species who copied in order to fend off other Pokémon, even though it KOs them too.
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