Favorite Gensokyo Citizens?

Favorite Gensokyo Citizens?

  1. *Leeney*
    Mine are(in no order):
    Byakuren Hijiri
    Fujiwara no Mokou
    Utsuho Reiji
    Satori Komeiji
    Reimu Hakurei
    Youmu Konpaku
    Flandre Scarlet
    Sakuya Izayoi
  2. ScarletSky
    Not in order...

    Hong Meiling
    Reimu Hakurei
    Remilia Scarlet
    Flandre Scarlet
    Rin Kaenbyo
    Sakuya Izayoi
    Patchouli Knowledge
  3. Scarlet Devil
    Scarlet Devil
    My list could go on and on, but here's my top 10...
    Remilia Scarlet (♥)
    Nue Houjuu
    Shikieiki Yamaxanadu
    Marisa Kirisame
    Suwako Moriya
    Suika Ibuki
    Yukai Yakumo
    Eirin Yagokoro
    Fujiwara no Mokou
  4. Cloud ⑨
    Cloud ⑨
    Roughly ordered:

    Medicine Melancholy
    Chiyuri Kitashirakawa
    Shizuha Aki
    Renko Usami
    Alice Margatroid
    Kogasa Tatara
    Utsuho Reiuji
    Youmu Konpaku
    Yuka Kazami
  5. Tsurugi
    Because I deleted my last post here. (It was severely out of date anyways)

    Hinanai Tenshi
    Yakumo Yukari
    Saigyouji Yuyuko
    Nagae Iku
    Konpaku Youmu
    Hakurei Reimu
    Kirisame Marisa
    Kotiya Sanae
    Tatara Kogasa

    There is massive overlap.
  6. Invalid Black Rose
    ...Not in any order...but then again...
    - Yukari Yakumo
    - Shikieiki Yamaxanadu
    - Sakuya Izayoi
    - Byakuren Hijiri
    - Alice Margatroid
    - Reisen Inaba
    - Fujiwara No Mokou
  7. Kuwata
    In no particular order, I love: (Reasons included)
    Flandre Scarlet (My first brush with Touhou. She's also really cute.)
    Remilia Scarlet (Cuteness factor again. Also, she's a really likable char for some reason.)
    Patchouli Knowledge (SO MUCH PURPLE. Also, I love her personality.)
    Sakuya Izazoi (Knives are a really cool weapon...)
    Wriggle Nightbug (...Seriously, just look at my username.)
    Cirno (Ice powers ftw. Also, she's an adorable idiot.)
    Chen (She's a Nekomata, which is awesome in its own right.)
    Utsuho Reiuji (IDK why, I just do.)
    The Prismrivers (They play music and are always together. Man, would they be awesome at a party.)
    Suika Ibuki (Come on. She's a drunk oni who attempts to bring her friends to the surface with feasts, of all things. What's not to like?)
    Ran Yakumo (Nine fluffy tails. Nine. Fluffy. Tails. Shard would have a field day.)
    Nue (DEM WINGS. I like her hairstyle too.)
    Nazrin (Come on, she's a mouse. Also, one of my OCs has her hairstyle.)
    Byakuren (Dat hair...X3)
    Alice Margatroid (A puppeteer who is often shipped with Marisa. Gotta like her.)
    Yukari Yakumo (Come on, she uses gaps to practically teleport around and in the fandom, she's a bit of an annoyance to Reimu.)
    ...That's all I can think of ATM.
  8. Karisse
    My favorite overall is Utsuho. :D But I also like Byakuren, Murasa, Nue, the Prismrivers, Toyosatomimi no Miko, Cirno, and...actually, I think that's it. xD
  9. Lidore
    Hopefully it doesn't matter that this discussion's a bit old ><;;

    Anyways, in no particular order...

    Hina Kagiyama
    Nitori Kawashiro
    Patchouli Knowledge
    Koishi Komeiji
    Kosuzu Motoori
    Iku Nagae
    Fujiwara no Mokou
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