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  1. AlexandraTheZoroark
    Plus, my parents used to make fun of the fact that I like Pokémon. When I first told my parents, this is what happened

    *I walk into the rec *
    Me: Mom? Dad?
    Dad: Yes, Tootsie?
    Mom: Yeah, Alex?
    Me: I like Pokémon
    Mom: What's a Pok-ay-mon?
    Me: *facepalm*
    Dad: So you like PokEmon?
    Me: Yes. And you're not pronouncing it correctly!

    They got over it in a few days, and now they don't mind, except my dad will tease me about it from time-to-time.

    And yes, Tootsie is the nickname my dad calls me
  2. Nour386
    my parents are calm as long as I'm honest with them about stuff

    still haven't told anyone about a girl I really like
  3. pokemaster8901
    my parents are wanted me to be a little kid forever so they never think i am too old for anything but they say i am too young to date.
  4. Nour386
    I wonder if being too old for pokémon means I can't play pokémon characters in ssbb?
  5. TheCapsFan
    Quote Originally Posted by Nour386
    my parents are calm as long as I'm honest with them about stuff

    still haven't told anyone about a girl I really like
    I didn't tell anyone about a certain girl I liked for about six months.
  6. Italy-kun
    Most of the stuff that my parents say I'm too old/young for, I'm not the least bit interested in anyway. I feel lucky.
  7. Dragonfyre
    My parents disapprove of my bring a Pokéfan. Goddamn, the other day, they went "Dragonfyre*, won't the people on that Pokémon site you go to think you're too old? I mean, you're probably the oldest on that site, at 14."


    *used in lieu of my real name
  8. Jacko19863
    My mum does sometimes have a go at me for pokemon. I'm almost 12, so I dont see why I cant. My friend simon was being picked on by his dad (Like reallllly bad) at the age of 10 for playing it. When people Tell me "You're toooooooo young for pokemon" And other anime's, I hate it, But I snigger. There is anime that is like 15+ and stuff. Bleach is meant for TEEN like, 14+. People havent read it but they tell me its a kids book. They dont even know what it is :l

    Then "You're toooo young to go to bed after 8:30 on school nights" FUUUUUUUUU. Sooo annoying.

    Annnnyway, I'm not giving up anything for no-one. I'll be a loner. Who the hell cares about what you like? If they do, They're jealous or they're just really stupid.
  9. Captain_Kaos
    My dad thinks i am to old for pokemon but to young to get my own laptop
  10. Jacko19863
    That makes no sense. Y U NO GET ME LAPTOP???
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