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  1. AlexandraTheZoroark
    I HATE it when adults are like "You're to old to do this" or "Your're too young to do that" when you go into adolescense. What's worse is... heck, there are other worse things, but it depends on the preteen or teen's opinion.

    My problem is that I have a cousin who's in her late 20's and she calls me "child". She'll say things that actually have to do with ME, like today at a family reunion: "Child, PLEASE don't do shoulder stands. You could knock something over". She calls me that even though I'm flippin' TWELVE.

    You're worst problem?
  2. Glitchipedia
    Mom insists I'm too old for Pokémon, yet too young to be interested in girls.

    By the way, I'm seventeen.
  3. Gomazou
    My parents are the same way, Glitchpedia. My dad always tells me to "never play a Pokémon game again."
    Except I'm 12. :P
  4. double trouble!
    double trouble!
    I'm afraid that they'll criticize me for liking Pokémon...
    I bought a DS and the game (~$200), and they don't know...
  5. eevee91
    I'm 19, and still treated like a baby at times. D:
    Seriously, one day I couldn't go just outside the house because it was getting dark. And I also always have to ask to go somewhere, and I'm told to go to bed at times...

    And I've also been told I'm too old for pokemon, but my mom still could not stop me. lol

    The worst part is I look young, and people I don't know think I'm around 15. I've been called "little girl" so many times in the last year.
  6. AlexandraTheZoroark
    Also, some adults think I'm to old to play Webkinz, but I still play it anyways. I mean like, c'mon, there are actually other teens out there who play Webkinz, too!
  7. Chibster
    About a month ago, my cousins came over and they asked me what I was going to dress up as for Halloween and I said a Powerpuff Girl(the only costume I have that I didn't ruin!) and she said I'm too old for it. I LOVE the Powerpuff Girls and all those awesome old Cartoon Network shows. Also, why should people tell us were too old for something? They don't know how I angry I get when people say "Your too old for that". I don't care if people tell I'm too old for something, I'll keep liking it. Also, one time in 7th grade Social Studies(I'm in 8th grade now), my txtbk had a Yu-gi-oh cover on it and the kid next to me says "You still like Yu-gi-oh?" and then the kid behind me says "There's alot of people like that" I was about to yell at them saying that I can like whatever I want to and that Yu-Gi-Oh is popular with the teens and older people in Japan(which it is) They can do something better like saying nice things, instead of saying something that makes people angry.
  8. Super Seaking
    My step dad thinks that Im too old for Pokemon.
  9. Mr. Slowpoke
    Mr. Slowpoke
    Apparently, I'm too young to play games with zombies in them (Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead etc.), but I'm also too old for Pokémon. Even though the fact that I can't play zombie games is a perfect excuse to still play Pokémon....
  10. Still Probably Modio
    Still Probably Modio
    You are too old to get a cookie!
    You are too young to have a girlfriend!

    Then at school...

    Hey, dude, why don't you have a girlfriend? I do.
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