music and musicians

music and musicians

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  1. Pyradox
    I play violin and acoustic guitar.
  2. OverlordRuby
    I play the oboe... I guess I'm okay. For you Massachusetts people I've been to Districts once and SEMSBA twice (third best in last year's SEMSBA, second best in this year's Districts). I guess that's pretty good...

    Anyways, I inspired this thread. Yay!
  3. ~Aeon
    Quote Originally Posted by TFSpock
    If I could like this, I so would.

    I play Alto sax, but I'm thinking of switching to Bari.
    i recommend it, its a lot of fun.
  4. OverlordRuby
    My friend Dante plays baritone saxophone. He's pretty good at it. ^_^
  5. TheMissingno.
    I play guitar and have a collection of other instruments that I'm not good at.
  6. Buoy
    I used to play the oboe, and I sing a bit. Other than that... er, I've learned some songs on the keyboard and the recorder and that's basically it.
  7. ~Aeon
    oh dang, I'm using a new reed on bari, and i got such an easy good sound today.
  8. ChachachaCHIA!
    I play piano, I like playing the pirates of the carribean theme on it
  9. Jack Pschitt
    Jack Pschitt
    I play every instrument known to mankind. Very, very badly.

    But in all seriousness... I play a mean kazoo.

    Yeah, I've nothing.
  10. ~Aeon
    @Chaos Dusknoir then learn the lyrics to this

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