Gen 6

Gen 6

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  1. TFSpock
    Quote Originally Posted by Chaos Dusknoir
    Maybe Game freak would troll us and give us a no secondary type at all. (0_o)
    I am totally expecting this. Like, no joke. I believe that Game Freak probably tried to do the Fight/Psy/Dark trio then said, "Nah, screw it we're going pure".
  2. Venom
    I'm not getting my hopes up Game Freak hasn't added any new types since gen 2 I don't see them changing that now.
  3. Unovian
    A new type would be interesting, but I can't imagine how the would fit it into the type chart.
  4. EVs and IVsaurs
    EVs and IVsaurs
    My thoughts on the Gen VI Pokémon:
    Chespin: Mole, Grass type, final form probably Grass/Earth (Based on the animal).
    Froakie: Frog, Water type, no clue for final form typing.
    Fennekin: Fennec Fox, Fire type, final form probably Fire/Psychic (Based on moves used in trailer)

    Sylveon: New Eeveelution, guessing Flying type (The ribbons on it's body look similar to the ones on Suicune, and Suicune was known as "The North Wind".

    Yveltal: Dark/Flying, I just personally think it looks like a Dark type.
    Xerneas: Normal, with the multi-colored antlers, I can't see any other type for this unless it changes type.

    Mew2-1/2: I don't know whether it's a new Pokémon, or a form, so I'm going to call it Mew2-1/2 for now. IT IS AWESOME!!!!

    EDIT: We now know that the 'new Pokémon' is a new form for Mewtwo, but hey, it's still awesome.
  5. Silverwynde
    Man, all I wanted was Newtwo's name and I didn't get it. I'm betting that it'll be a Psychic type, though.
  6. Unovian
    I love that new goat pokemon, I hope we can ride other pokemon too.......Raikou go!
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