Information regarding the Stunfisk Cult

Information regarding the Stunfisk Cult

  1. crystallineEntropy
    Hello, welcome to the Stunfisk Cult! Well, this is assuming that you're a member and are reading this, otherwise, you should frickin' join already. The path of Stunfisk is the only true path. Stop resisting Lord Stunfisk.

    Okay, first of all, us Fiskinites (a term for cult members, dubbed by TheMissingno.) believe that the universe was created by the most powerful existence in existance; Lord Stunfisk. Screw Arceus. Lord Stunfisk is the Master of all, and He resides in Lord Stunfisk's Domain. In said domain also live quite a few "Demi Stunfisk", or, Stunfisk that have quite the large amount of divine power, but not nearly as much as Lord Stunfisk. The remaining Stunfisk, "Earth Stunfisk", live on the ground, hence the name. While Earth Stunfisk aren't quite as strong as Demi Stunfisk, they still have significant amount of divine power, making them formidable opponents.

    Lord Stunfisk, as you would imagine, is an incredibly powerful force. If you oppose Him, you will be smitten by his Divine Thunderbolt, which has "kill" and a "stun" setting. The stun setting is sometimes helpful in making somebody easy to capture. Usually, although His Divine Thunderbolts aren't used for most of them, we capture people for sacrificial purposes. Virgins, to be specific. We capture virgins and throw them into Mt. Derp, a volcano situated near Levin Swamp.

    Now, I know what you may be thinking. "Wait a minute....I'm a virgin!" Well, yes, perhaps you are. But do not fear, for, aside from rare circumstances, we do not sacrifice fellow Fiskinites. It's one of the many perks we get from Lord Stunfisk, which include:

    • Eternal life
    • Free soda (anywhere)
    • A free Trap Orb (an item that boosts the power of Stunfisk's attacks by 1.5x)
    • A Cult Badge
    • Sometimes we will give new Fiskinites an item, usually a weapon, blessed by Lord Stunfisk.

    Speaking of enchanted items, you might be wondering what those even are. First of all, although Lord Stunfisk is basically the master of everything, there are four elements that he usually associates with. These include Maggyo, Water, Earth, and Thunder. I guess those are pretty self explanatory, aside from "Maggyo". Maggyo is an element that combines Water, Earth, and Thunder into one. It is the most powerful force in the universe, and is extremely rare. Well, the items enchanted with Maggyo are rare, at least. The Legenendary Sword of Maggyo, the lost sword that is said to be the most powerful blade ever forged, is a prime example of this. Not only does it cut well, but it gives its wielder power over the three elements previously mentioned, to an extent. There are also lesser weapons, such as the Axe of Thunder, or the Shield of Earth, but they pale in comparison to the Sword of Maggyo.

    A few things that haven't been covered will be mentioned now. Lord Stunfisk has a share of things He doesn't appreciate. Lord Stunfisk dislikes Ice-types and Grass-types to an extent, but He will put up with them if he needs to. However, condoms and rubber boots are a big deal. If you own those, burn them immediately. Condoms reduce the number of virgins that we could be sacrificing to Lord Stunfisk, and this is simply unacceptable. Rubber boots are just a source of unspeakable horror. Both condoms and rubber boots are theorized to have been created then none other then Antichrist Masuda himself, therefore, we are at war with him.

    So, um, yeah. That's about it. Oh, if you're wondering where our HQ is located, and how to access it, I'll mass PM you Fiskinites with it later. I guess. Since this group is able to be read by anybody (sadly), we have to keep that kind of information classified. The Skype group is also a secure area where we can exchange classified information.

    Feel free to make any discussions you deem relevant to our cause. We are always interested in new ways to spread Lord Stunfisk's influence.

    All the glory to Stunfisk!
  2. Black Dragon
    Black Dragon
    I read all of this..and now..Stunfisk has reached a whole new level of awesomeness.

    Praise Lord Stunfisk!
  3. mariowie
    But how does our cult badge look ?
  4. crystallineEntropy
    Quote Originally Posted by mariowie
    But how does our cult badge look ?
    It looks like our symbol.
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