The Lightsaber

The Lightsaber

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  1. Mißingnåen
    Definitely the greatest weapon of all time. In conjunction with the force, it becomes pretty much the ultimate personal weapon.

    I've always been interested in swords of all time, and I was planning on writing something about how lightsabers would be fought with if they were real, but I never got around to it. I think it would be a lot different then what they did in the movies, though I do appreciate the awesome choreography. Me and my friend tried our hands at lightsaber choreography at one point, but it didn't get very far..

    So assuming that no one will deny this claim, what particularly do you like about the lightsaber? Who is your favorite swordsman in Star Wars?

    I personally like Mace Windu. He went as far as to create his own style, and he was one of only 3 people to master it. He definitely wasn't the best, as he was pretty much played with by Sidious in episode 3, but he's still my favorite. Also, he had "BMF" engraved on his electrum plated lightsaber. It doesn't really get much more badass then that.
  2. H-con
    Well, after playing KOTOR (one and two) alot, I kinda learned more about different styles, and I loved getting a silver, bronze or viridian lightsaber. Personally, I like Darth Maul. Maybe it's because of his dual-bladed saber, but you have a point with Windu's style, but isn't his style based on Juyo? Or maybe they're the same, only Windu modified it to suit his needs.
  3. Mißingnåen
    It is based on Juyo, his style (Vapaad) and Juyo are both considered style seven. What's interesting about his style is that he actually harnesses anger and other negative emotions, while still using the light side. That's a big reason why no one uses it, it's a huge dark side risk unless you're extremely high level.

    I think Darth Maul was actually a known user of style seven. As for the double sided lightsaber, I'm not really that into the idea. I just don't see the advantage to it (other then it being a lot easier to choreograph). A two sword style would be interesting though. You see a couple of people in the background with two swords in Episode 2, but it never really makes a major appearance other then Anakin using Obi-wan's lightsaber for like 10 seconds. I understand that's probably pretty hard to choreograph. Lazy bastards..

    But yeah, two swords are used in many Japanese Koryu (martial traditions), and have been described by some western masters. In the west, the dagger was pretty common as an off hand weapon. I think it would be pretty cool to have someone who used a long lightsaber and a short lightsaber.
  4. gus81646
    ol'ben kanoibi has to be mine.his style rocks. hard. he rocked even as an old man.andhe always obeyed the jedi concil sometimes he made exsepions but still he was cool. curse anakin.
  5. Mißingnåen
    Yeah, Anakin was a little douche. I don't understand how he "fell" to the dark side, he seemed pretty bad throughout his entire career.
  6. Rhabees
    Without a doubt, Maw was the coolest. He practiced the form of trispzest, I think. (I'm pretty sure that's what it's called, anyway) He used many spinning/slashing aerial attacks. Kyle killed him, I do believe. Alas, Maw was awesome.
  7. Kimori-Hinoarashi
    Starkiller is awesome. Especially when he charges his lightsaber with lightning.
  8. ScruffyJedi
    Kyle Kataran(spelling...?) ruins all things good. D:
  9. HunterOfDino
    Darth malak is cool.
  10. Ho-oh
    Quote Originally Posted by The Runt
    Darth malak is cool.
    And yet he got owned.
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