The Clone Wars Series

The Clone Wars Series

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  1. Rayne
    The Clone Wars Series
    Do you watch it? Have a favorite episode?

    Personally my favorite is the two parter, "Jedi Crash" and "Defenders of Peace" where Ahsoka and Secura must search for aid to help Anakin on an uncharted planet. And then we have Defenders of Peace where we have small scale infiltration operations and defend every last man ala Fire Emblem? Improbable, but awesome episode.

    I think the tactical episodes like these stand out by far and I certainly hope they throw in a good mix of these for next season. What do you all think?
  2. gus81646
    yep there pretty good,but if a 5-6 is watching then they get there hands on episode 3.......but still there good!
  3. Rayne
    Well, the show is rated a tad more mature than your average Cartoon Network show. Are you saying it's difficult for someone younger to watch it? I'm sure anyone can watch it, provided they can appropriately digest it.

    On another note, the season's over. Won't pick up again until September. And it was just getting good. :/

    Also, if you guys have the urge to catch any of the episodes again, the official site offers them up for replay along with side bits and behind the scenes direction.
  4. Mißingnåen
    I saw the movie and a few of the episodes, and I was sorely disappointed, but not surprised. The stupid personalities of the droids completely defeats the purpose of having droid army in the first place. It is a huge insult to the intelligence of the audience.

    The whole point of having a droid army is so they could have an unfeeling army of soldiers that took every order without question. I understand the need for comic relief, especially on Cartoon Network, but they could have accomplished that some other way. I think the first clone wars series (the micro-series that aired a few years ago) portrayed the droids perfectly.

    The movie was contrived, forced and useless. Why does the republic need to defend outer rim systems if the republic doesn't even control them?! Why would the CIS care about them if their goal is Couruscant? Better yet, what is the goal of the CIS in the first place? And the biggest question of them all; why does a well known hut crime lord live in walking distance of the galactic senate building!?

    I hate the idea of Ahsoka. So Anakin had an apprentice, not just between the second and third movies but even between the first and second seasons of the original cartoon and we never hear about her again ever? Awesome. And she has to hold her sword properly*, and respect her master a little bit. Then again, so does Anakin.

    So yeah, I don't like the new movie or the new series.

    This is my first post here and I don't want people to get the wrong idea, so I assure you that I am a huge Star Wars fan.

    *Starkiller gets away with holding his lightsaber backwards because his primary weapon is not his lightsaber, but the dark side of the force. Plus, he's a badass.
  5. H-con
    I must agree with you, I didn't really like the movie all that much. I have only seen a few episodes, I just forget the times it's aired.
  6. gus81646
    my dad got rid of cable so i cant watch them...
  7. Dilophosaurus Rex
    Dilophosaurus Rex
    It's pretty good. I hate the addition of Ahsoka though. Screws up the canon. Where is she in episode 3?

    Although it kinda makes sense that Starkiller holds his lightsaber the same way Ahsoka does. Maybe Anakin taught Starkiller the same lightsaber style as Ahsoka?

    I really like the episode with Grievous and Kit Fisto. It's awesome.
  8. Legendary Master
    Legendary Master
    a good group of episodes was the ryloth trilogy. it was awesome! and on friday they will make the new season! i cant wait!
  9. Mißingnåen
    Ugh. They're still making more of those things?
  10. ScruffyJedi
    Plo Koon is epic in the series!
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