General discussion

General discussion

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  1. Meow Wow
    Meow Wow
    Talk about anything here!
  2. Eleven
    It's so awkward to join your own Fan Club...
  3. Momoka
    Hey, I did it, too! XD
  4. Eleven
    I don't think you're supposed to be a fan of yourself...
  5. Akuraito
    ^ XDDD

    Why does this fanclub not have more members

    Lith deserves more members in her fanclub

    Srsly man why aren't there more people
  6. Eleven
    I don't know. XD

    It's very nice of you to think that I deserve more fans. :)
  7. Akuraito
    It's true. :c
  8. Eleven
    You could go recruit some. :P
  9. Akuraito
    What am I supposed to do, randomly post in people's VMs asking them to join this? :P
  10. Momoka
    How do we recruit members? XD
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