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  1. Iteru
    Quote Originally Posted by Queen Cynthia View Post
    You know what?
    It's no use arguing with an ignorant, unpleasant jerk like you who's apparently not even intelligent enough to grasp a message that's either profound or complicated
    Queen Cynthia gives a shining example of how to be pleasant and unjerkish.
  2. Hellion
    Quote Originally Posted by martianmister View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Sith Droideka View Post
    What exactly is a "Water Pokémon Master" anyway? E4? Wallace-level? Competitive battling?
    It's means someone steals advertisements from cinama, illegally. So, Misty isn't one of them anyway...
    It's funny...

    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Muffin View Post
    On the other hand, I'm glad that Brock is leaving. He's been flanderized to the point where I can keep a poker face with him 24/7, even as he's molesting my chest
    So is this...
  3. darklord18
    Quote Originally Posted by Piplup View Post
    I completely changed my mind now
    Iris is cute and the guy is nice too
    I love them
    Pokémon is too awesome <3
    Quote Originally Posted by yoshi12370 View Post
    I LOVE IRIS NOW!!!!!

    one secon you don't like her then the next you like her? make up mind lol
  4. Cross Poison
    Cross Poison
    "LEO BURNETT AND 4KIDZ ARE THE DEVIL!" Sure it wasn't a straightforward quote, but for some reason I think it was planted there...

    EDIT: Oh wait, this is for quotes from the anime section of the forums. Doesnt matter, but I thought I might give that anyway.
  5. Sombra29
    This only happened to kids who was putting there faces too close to the t.v. screens when they were watching that episode. I watched it and I didn't get one. But this seriously upsetted me because my family and a bunch of jews stopped me for watching pokemon for a whole month.
    From a closed thread. By Caseydia.

    No, he's Shuu (Drew) after he's had his tea. Shuu + tea, get it? ... *shot*
    From here.
  6. Owain
    By PDL in the which was the saddest part of the anime thread:

    The saddest part of Pokémon.... is it's fanbase.

    Impossible to please
  7. Karamazov
    Quote Originally Posted by Mayiscool
    Nando would have made a great serial killer if they ever added a horror aspect of Pokemon.
    From a thread about Nando. Can't find it, but still looking.
  8. The Puppetmaster
    The Puppetmaster
    Quote Originally Posted by CommanderPigg View Post
    The only thing that went through my mind was "OMG TOGEKISS, GTFO" when pip and pika were hugging it out...seriously, you don't belong you overgrown turkey...
    I couldn't have put it better myself. xD

    EDIT: New one!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bemused View Post
    Nando done right? That'll be easy, all she has to do is appear in the next 100 episodes and not have an accent stew for a dub voice.
    EDIT: Newer one!

    Quote Originally Posted by Musashi View Post
    I don't know what this Johto thing you're talking about is, but I hope it doesn't turn into some endless complaint.
    She was replying to Gliscor'd's "Do you guys think Ash will win the Johto League" thread.
  9. The Puppetmaster
    The Puppetmaster
    Quote Originally Posted by Chatsy View Post
    Welp, guess it's safe to say Ash doesn't have a too huge variety of underwear:

    I thought I was so smart eyeing the similarity, but his underwear is in fact slightly different in the pattern! But the colour-scheme...! Pff.

    Yes, I'm discussing underwear. Shut up. I'm tired and lonely.
    Quote Originally Posted by Chatsy View Post
    Speaking of which, this means as of this episode, Dento's the only one of the main characters who's yet to take off his pants.

    A double dosage of Chatsy. xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  10. Karamazov
    Quote Originally Posted by Gliscor'd View Post
    Johanna is a bitch mother. That is my head canon.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gliscor'd View Post

    I believe Dawn will grow up to hate her more and sever all ties, perhaps smashing all of Johanna's ribbon cup trophies to the ground and storming out in a blaze of glory.

    From the headcanon thread.
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