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  1. Iteru
    This is where entertaining findings from the Animé section should be stored.
  2. Iteru
    Quote Originally Posted by Gible View Post
    I really really want Ash, Misty and Brock to travel for a few episodes together, I've even imagined how it could go down...

    Ash, Brock and Misty reunite in Pallet Town.

    "Hey Misty, good to see you again," said Ash.
    "Hey Ash, good to see you too," replied Misty, "I'd argue with you, but the writers have stopped doing that after the Orange Islands. I guess I'll just stand here with my Azurill in my arms."
    "That's great !" said Ash.
    "What about Brock ?" said Misty.
    "Oh, he just stays silent all the time, doesn't have a personality anymore," replied Ash, "He's got a Croagunk though, poison jabs him anytime he comes near a girl"
    "Damn," said Misty, obviously annoyed, "taking Brock away from girls was all the writers had me do in more than half of Johto. Whatever will I do now."
    "Stand there with a cute pokémon in your arms and do nothing," said Ash.
    "Just like old times !" said the three in unisson.

    They then left for Viridian forest and had an adventure... and by adventure, I mean Ash did something and the other two just stood on the sidelines.

    "Yeah, that was great. I defeated Giovanni, disbanded Team Rocket and saved all the woodland creatures of the Viridian Forest in a Disneyesque way... and I did it all alone with Pikachu and my pokémon," said Ash.
    "Yeah we really didn't do jack !" said Brock.
    "It really was worth it for us to go on this adventure so we could just look at Ash doing something," said Misty, "I mean the last two times I came back, my Togepi and Max got more character developpement than me."
    "That's when May was around," said Brock, "She was great."
    "Yeah, so was Dawn," said Ash, "Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go surround myself with characters that actually contribute to the show."

    The end.
  3. darklord18
    Quote Originally Posted by maxh303030 View Post
    That scene meant. Absolutely nothing. Less then nothing. It was to show that Ash is stupid. Nothing further.
    Ash is stupid thing is true and funny. they really made him dumb.

    I just find it really funny imo. so true. lol
  4. Hellion
    Quote Originally Posted by Grave-E View Post
    A wild Misty appeared! Use your Misty ball to catch Mistys and record them in your Mistydex. Train a select team of 6 different Mistys to battle other Misty trainers and Misty leaders, before challenging the Misty league to prove you've got what it takes to be the greatest Misty trainer of all time!
    *Note: This is the 'Misty' version. Connect with a 'Misty' version and trade with friends to fill your Mistydex!

    If there's anything these forums have taught me, it's that is what this franchise is really about.
    This is just classic... XD I want all 151 Mistymon !!!
  5. Iteru
    Quote Originally Posted by V Faction View Post
    Yes, they will literally chop up the reel into tiny pieces with knives and meat carvers, just to specifically piss you off, Thingamajig.

    Actually, I believe all the episodes are digital now, so they'll probably use the Recycle Bin. Oh the horror.
    V Faction gives some insight into the dubbing process.
  6. Sombra29
    Quote Originally Posted by Gible
    This is just classic... XD I want all 151 Mistymon !!!
    Dont forget that you have to get the glithced mistymon, Mistsigno!

    Quote Originally Posted by Arvo92 View Post
    MisterUrban, are you not liking that Ash actually loves Infernape and not Dawn? jk
    Well,I laughed.
  7. Sato Aka
    Sato Aka
    Quote Originally Posted by V Faction View Post
    Holy nutballs. You guys are like the Reese's Cup of Horrible. Except instead of chocolate and peanut butter, it's "Awful" and "more Awful".

    The best part of the episode? Flint and his smug self. That dude just radiates excellence.
    Found this one today, I just couldn't stop laughing.
  8. Hellion
    Quote Originally Posted by Sombra29
    Dont forget that you have to get the glithced mistymon, Mistsigno!

    Quote Originally Posted by ARC-1300 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Taromon777 View Post
    Do you think Mewtwo should make another appearance in a movie? I think once Ruler of Illusions and the innevitable Reshiram vs Zekrom are out of the way, the series should go back to its roots and have Ash meet Mewtwo again. I think they should also bring back Misty for the duration of the movie, and maybe Delia Ketchum and Professor Oak, but with some fifth generation Pokemon (including another legendary which plays a role in the plot) and new characters in there as well. I think this would make for an amazing movie - the perfect mix of old and new! Any thoughts?
    love the part about mewtwo coming back, puked at the part about misty coming back though.
    That made me laugh... it's mean, but it made me laugh.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dogasu View Post
    Though I guess the difference between Pokemon Baccer and soccer is that in Pokemon Baccer, players actually score points. I would love to see a soccer World Cup match end with a score of 16-18.
    So sad, yet so true..
  9. Sombra29
    Quote Originally Posted by Gible View Post
    Yeah... I guess you could say that from all the... one episode we've seen so far... ... ... right...
  10. darklord18
    i really doubt anyone on the show (characters) will ever mention how her hair is different. there have been plenty of characters with funky hair in the past... such as mira. i don't recall anyone making a comment regarding her hair.
    so true so true but i always wonder how girls in the anime have long hiar as if they never got it cut coughMiracough. lol
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