Current Event: Black & White

Current Event: Black & White

  1. Iteru
    Quotes from the Black & White forum should be posted here.
  2. Hellion
    Quote Originally Posted by V Faction View Post
    *duct tapes lamp on to Bulbasaur*

    There you go! Light-type.
    Hilarious as always, V Faction gives us a gem...
  3. darklord18
    Quote Originally Posted by Senzura View Post
    10 bucks says we have a new pokemon sunday host this week.
    this is funny, just because Shoko reveal something she shouldn't have doesn't mean she get fired. lol
  4. Blazaking
    Quote Originally Posted by V Faction View Post
    The only canon game was Blue version.

    You know, cause of the cannons on Blastoise? Do you see them perched up there on his shoulders? Right there. You should be able to see them--

    I'm sorry. You may punch me now.
    V Faction is awesome.
  5. Hitomi
    Quote Originally Posted by Keegman View Post
    Tradition is using the Master Ball on Mewtwo and naming a Metapod Penis, not plaguing oneself with a horde of faceless bats and freakishly ripped little manchilds.
    I've actually seen this in a sig or two. It was just too perfect.
  6. Zekurom
    Eight-month bump! Here's a chain of events:

    Quote Originally Posted by Arc Lumin View Post
    Really? I think it's Tepic.
    Quote Originally Posted by Yabukuron View Post
    I think it's Stupig.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zekurom View Post
    You guys are both being Swiners.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ryuutakeshi View Post
    You all need to stop spamming.
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