The Shiny Pokemon Club

The Shiny Pokemon Club

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  1. Poke-Glitch
    Riolu, you have posted a one liner (not even that, two words!)...only post in the club if you really have something to say, otherwise this is breaking the club rules. I'll let you off today...but please don't do it again!

    Sweet rumble shinies there MM! I need to play rumble a bit more...I've been encountering in Eterna Forest lately though, I hope that hunt shines soon! Good Luck guys! (Especially Riolu on your Slowpoke hunt!)
  2. Arwen
    I Arwen hereby acknowledge that I have read all of the Forum and Club rules and agree to abide by them.

    Hi evryone Joining again. I love shinies and I am a collecting junkie. I am trying to complete a shiny dex. So far I'm at 340+ (don't have an accurate current count) I learned to chain to catch eevees and have had 26 successful chains with 131 shinies caught from them. I SR for a shiny Mewtwo in leafgreen - it took over a year, I don't think I will ever SR again. I havn't been shiny hunting lately because of a lack of time, and trying to get through Soul Silver. So that's me, hi everyone
  3. Poke-Glitch
    Haven't been here in a while! Welcome back Arwen! I was wondering if you would come back...good thing you have! As I said before...that's a lot of shinies you have there, good job! I've been hunting Eevee by radar lately...I spent over 40 mins SRing in front of Mr. Backlot (something like that) for Eevee to appear in Trophy Garden, then spent days trying to chain it! 5% encounter rate! So not very easy to start the chain off! Thankfully a few days ago I got to a chain of 40 and got 5 Shiny Eevee's! but (for obvious reasons) I wanted 7 Shiny Eevee's not 5...and none of them had a decent I'm gonna chain them again soon, Good Luck guys!
  4. thethirdtye
    I thethirdtye hereby acknowledge that I have read all of the Forum and Club rules and agree to abide by them!
  5. Poke-Glitch
    Welcome thirdtye! What shinies do you have? What was your first? I hope this club is a big inspiration for you when you hunt! Clubs like these have been known to seriously boost the motivation of shiny hunters when other people find and share about their people find even more shinies! Good Luck guys!
  6. Shiny Umbreon
    Shiny Umbreon
    I Shiny Umbreon have read and agreed to follow the rules. I have 4 Shiny's Gyradose, Budew, Flygon, Lickilicky. I used to have two more till my SS got stolen and those were Raticate and Golduck so if someone has a shiny Raticate or a Shiny Golduck can they please contact me.
  7. Synthesis
    Yeah it really does motivate people. I got kinda side-tracked on my hunts and started an Emerald Nuzlocke challenge. I couldn't make it past Wattson T.T
    Anyways I'm currently trying to finish Emerald and catch me some Dittos. A lot and I mean a lot of Dittos. Need ssome good IV Pokemon for MM =D

    Good Luck everyone!

    Edit: Welcome to the club!
  8. Poison Master
    Poison Master
    Yeah im gonna hunt for a shiny unown soon in the ruins of alph. This club has made me want to shiney hunt. But i have terrible luck with shinys so if anyone has a shiny unown, please tell.
  9. Surferboy
    I (billyboi11) hereby acknowledge that I have read all of the Forum and Club rules and agree to abide by them.
  10. Poke-Glitch
    Welcome to the club billy! What shinies do you have huh? Oh and, what's the 'Nuzlocke' challenge Synthesis? Anyway, Good Luck on that Unown hunt Muk! Unowns are pretty exclusive shinies, not many people bother to hunt hope it goes well! Good Luck guys!
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