The Shiny Pokemon Club

The Shiny Pokemon Club

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  1. Poke-Glitch
  2. Megaman
    I Fishmonklv.x hereby acknowledge that I have read all of the Forum and Club rules and agree to abide by them.
  3. Poke-Glitch
    Welcome back FM! (Can I call you FM?) So what shinies do you own? any? Got any hunts lined up? I'd love to hear!
  4. Synthesis
    I Slumboo hereby acknowledge that I have read all of the Forum and Club rules and agree to abide by them.

    I have had 12 shinies so far (not including Rumble shinies), a Togepi, a Larvitar, a Voltorb, a Magnemite, a Phanphy and a Slowpoke from chaining. In my old Emerald file I had two shiny Zubats, a shiny Sandshrew and a shiny Numel. I also got a Lotad from the Masuda Method and a Beldum from Soft Resseting.
    My target is the Desert route in Ruby. So far I'm at about 1700 random encounters and this thing I call "The Hoenn Run" which is me pretty much running around from Route to Route, hoping for a completely unexpected shiny.
  5. Poke-Glitch
    Welcome back slumboo! A nice batch of shinies you've got there! Good luck with your hunts! I hope they go well for you!
  6. Megaman
    I currently own a golem, tentacreul, arcanine, zubat, meditite, rattata, and a charizard. the colem, zubat, rattata, and meditite are current up for trade for a shiny darkri, shiny onix, and various other shinies. Currently im trying to get a shiny manaphy. (beat my younger brother ranger game, trade the egg from his diamond to my SS, save, and soft reset until i get a shiny) Im also trying to get a shiny wingull using the massuda method.
  7. Poke-Glitch
    FM, I'm afraid that plan won't work...the Manaphy's shininess is determined when you hatch it. So to get a shiny you will need to trade it to another game, and another game...until you get a shiny. (Manaphy can never be shiny from the game it was originally obtained)
  8. Megaman
    I know. i can restart my bros game as many times as i want, so i just try it in my game, and if it doesnt work, i just send it into his game, and if it doesnt work then, i send it back, restart, than send it over.
  9. Missingno. Master
    Missingno. Master
    For what I hope to be the final time,

    I Missingno. Master hereby acknowledge that I have read all of the Forum and Club rules and agree to abide by them.

    Well, I haven't gotten any new shinies lately. I did tell you guys about that Rhyhorn in Rumble, right? Anyway, I did the Bug-catching contest in HG today, hoping for a shiny. No shiny, and the Dustox I caught took second place. And I usually take first place. Usually with stuff like Caterpie and Kakuna, too!

    Anyway, the Serebii branch of the shiny club has announced that their Johto shiny tour is gonna start June 1st. That's like a big competition where we see how many random encounter shinies we can get in Johto. I'm getting ready for that. I'm stocking up on Pokeballs of all kinds, I'm gonna teach one of my Pokemon False Swipe, and I'm cutting down on my shiny hunting right now, so I don't waste all my luck before the competition even begins. The last shiny tour was in Kanto, and I tied for 1st place, thanks to the shiny Meowth and Caterpie I had caught around Christmas. I'm hoping for similar luck this time around.
  10. Poke-Glitch
    Of course! The Johto Tour,'s about time they did that, but I have sad news...I can't compete, I'm too busy with my current hunts (Charmander in LG, secret M/M hunt in SS, RE in Eterna Forest in Di, and I have paused a M/M hunt on Paras that I need to pick back one day...also, when my secret M/M shines, I'll take up the Entei/Raikou hunt!). So you see, I'm very busy with my hunts right'll be too much to join the Johto Tour too...anyways, welcome back MM! Good Luck guys! (Good Luck on Manaphy FM!)
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