1. Poke-Glitch
    People of Bulbagarden! I have come and joined your site from Serebii...some of you might recognise me from there. I have noticed from my short stay that you people lack a place to talk about shinies that you are hunting or you have captured, that come under any category (Random Encounter, SR ect). Back at Serebii there is just a place, and it is called the Shiny Pokemon Club. Now I bring you this club, all the way from Serebii, so you people may discuss shinies in a safe-friendly environment where we can share our success and motivate eachother.

    Here any shiny from any method (Even RNG) is welcomed (except hacks or cheats), and the people who join this club must respect that, even if a PokeRadar shiny isn't valuable in their eyes compared to a SR shiny, a shiny is a shiny...and this club is for those who like shinies.

    Here are the rules, these rules are exactly the same as the Serebii club and they manage to follow you can too -
    1. Any one is allowed to accept members.
    2. Please try your best to make your posts legible. We're not grammar police, but try and use proper grammar.
    3. Only the Co-Owners or Owner may give strikes. Three and you are banned for two weeks. Three more and you are banned for two months. Get another three, and you are banned indefinitely.
    4. No flaming.
    5. No SPAM.
    6. We don't want to hear about the shinies you AR'd for, honestly. Do not talk about hacked shinies.
    7. Stay on-topic.
    8. Don’t complain about how co-owners or owners do their jobs. If you have a problem with their decisions, contact them via PM or VM.
    9. This isn't the place to handle trades; leave that to PMs and VMs
    10. Do not double/triple post.
    11. Even though you may click ‘Join Group’ at the top of the club, you are NOT a member until you have put the correct request in your first post.
    12. All Bulbagarden Forum rules apply here as well.
    ***If you wish to join, please put this in your first post in this club. I (ScreenName) hereby acknowledge that I have read all of the Forum and Club rules and agree to abide by them. If you don't, it means you have not read the rules, and not allowed in. Do NOT click ‘Join Group unless you intend to do this!***
    Fail to listen to these rules, and you will get a strike. So, please don't be lazy; read the rules.

    Those are the exact rules of the club, I ask that each and every person who is considering to join this club to thoroughly read the rules, and seriously consider if you'll be able to follow them; there are quite a bit. Please...let's keep this place a clean and friendly place to discuss shinies...Enjoy your stay!

    Owner -

    Co-owners -
    Missingno. Master
    Poison Master

    Please do not post here! There is absolutely no reason too! Proceed straight to the Club room!
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