In memory of May, 30, 2010

In memory of May, 30, 2010

  1. woops
    It'll be void in the blogs by a week from now, so to comemmorate it.

    Can you imagine, Shiay, how confusing with our names changed back, those blogs would be?
  2. Dewgong Reign
    Dewgong Reign
    Those poor future blog viewers... Racking their brains for nothing...
  3. Shiay
    There have been numerous comments and complaints of the Shiay Clones that were created on BMGf on Sunday May 30th, 2010 @ approximately 2:30 AM CDT. These complaints were at first, made by Shiay, herself. However... as soon as the first Shiay clone appeared, Skiay, there was another, Stiay. After the first two, there was finally Sliay. More users started to see all of this and hype was soon brought up in the blogs.

    Don't believe it? Well feast your eyes on the below photograph that was expertly taken by Shiay:

    Note that this image is not Photoshopped or even touched besides the cropping of unnecessary sections that do not highlight on this happening on BMGf. There was shot that Shiay missed -- this shot would have been great, as it showed that Archaic was actually on when this was all happening. However, Archaic did not actually do anything! Now this news reporter just thinks that he simply gave a scoff of amusement and went on his way. We don't blame him. After all -- his is god on BMGf and can smite them at any given moment.

    Now... here are what some other users have said or commented on in their own blogs:

    Quote Originally Posted by System Error
    Is it her art skill? RPing skill? Personality? Cancer survivorism? And "worship" is a bit of an understatement. This is closer to a borderline - nay, a full-scale board-wide obsession with that girl. The creepy freaky kind. And she soaks most of it up in stride.

    And quite frankly, I believe that it may eventually become the underdoing of the board. This must stop now - or who knows what might happen in the future.
    From System Error's blog titled What is it about Shiay that makes thousands of people worship her?

    Many of the comments that were posted onto this blog were made by the clones: Skiay, Stiay and Sliay -- there was even a comment made on it by Shiay as well! Here is some of what went down in that blog in another expertly taken photograph:

    It is quite clear to be seeing that Shiay, at this point, doesn't care about what's going on anymore. However, this may have to do with the fact that she's got a bigger avatar, and that on the forums, she's got an italicized name. Though, it may be because this is secretly inflating her ego -- perhaps we shall never know? The only people that probably do know are Shiay, herself, and those close to her; i.e. the other staff members of BMGf.

    Another blog entry that sprung up was written by none other than Dewgong Rain. Now... it is actually known that both Shiay and Dewgon Rain are on very friendly terms with one another on BMGf, seeing as Dewgon Rain and Shiay have hung out on the forums together and have known each other since before Shiay was promoted to being the forum leader of both the Artist's Alcove and Artisan's Gallery. However... his blog entry, WUT is definitely well titled, as this breakout of clones slowly crept up on the other users hanging out in the blogs.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dewgong Rain
    There's three Shiays... Morty, if there was ever a time to cower under your bed with Eusine, now is the fucking time.

    EDIT: FOUR. FOUR. Dear Suicune the apocalypse is nigh...
    Better words couldn't have been uttered at this time. This was, indeed, the most scariest time for Ecruteak's Gym Leader to be out and about. Luckily for him, he wasn't seen at all at the time that this was even happening. Perhaps this was due to the fact he has the ability to be seeing into the future as his 'Mystic Seer of the Future' title entails.

    Shortly after Dewgong Rain's blog, a new one by PlatinumDude appeared titled What's With All Those Shiay Clones?. The following entry was as follows:

    Quote Originally Posted by PlatinumDude
    I mean, seriously. I know it's funny and all, but I think that's taking it a bit too far.

    Also, maybe it's because of some blog entry that this happened.
    Many may be piqued by this 'blog entry' that PlatinumDude is referencing. The blog entry that's referenced was written by Shiay and was written wholly as a joke. This blog entry can be found here. If anyone is confused by this, it was solely a joke based off a game that one of the BMGf Writer's Workshop moderators, Jabberwocky, wanted to play with others. A guessing game of sorts. Shiay never really participated in these games -- though, when she saw badalchristiano's blog that was the exact same game, she couldn't help but to make a joke blog about the fact that he shamelessly self-plugged himself in the journal and at the top, too.

    The point where Shiay found herself to be mildly irritated by this is when she posted a new blog entry titled Seriously...? >B| -- this blog was an attempt to make this fuss die down and make those who were deciding to play this 'game' go to her fanclub to be continuing such ludicrous shenanigans.

    This plan was brushed to the side and disregarded, which irritated Shiay a little more. Though, since she doesn't have an moderator powers over the blogs, she wasn't able to get to lock some of the blogs that were sprung up by her clones that were the primary reasons for this idea to be getting brushed aside. These blogs can be reached through any one of these links: [link] and [link].

    Oh sure... they look tame now with the name changes being rectified, however -- these are what they looked like before things changed back:

    As one can be telling, the owner of the first blog depicted here kept editing the comments that Shiay made to them. This is a fact that the Artist's Alcove moderator found herself to be relatively miffed by. Especially with false information and by messing up the emoticons that she normally uses. That's what really gives it away, if someone is looking at it. Not to mention that this person (that's lucky he's not infracted) that edited Shiay's comments also made the grave mistake to be falsifying her general outlook on things by making it look like she likes Sunyshore's Volkner as opposed to Ecruteak's Morty.

    Here are Shiay's thoughts on that:

    Quote Originally Posted by Shiay
    I'll have it be known that I am miffed about that. Especially since I didn't ask for this whole 'clone me a Shiay' thing to start. I just can't believe that someone would just act on impulse to the joke that I posted to my blog and just not think about what could be coming from the unintentional impersonating of a moderator.

    Though... the fact that one of my three impersonators was so ballsy to be editing my comment to make it look like I like Volkner much more over Morty is irksome and appalling, if not, repulsive on a high scale. I'll admit that Volkner can be an attractive character, but his general character is something I hate. Not to mention the fact that he's a character that I can't relate with -- at all.
    This concludes this news article on the May 30th Shiay Clone Breakout of BMGf.
    From here.
  4. woops
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