Ask the shark!

Ask the shark!

  1. SharKing
    I'm not doing the "ask me questions" bandwagon blogs anymore. Have a question for me? Post it here!

    Of course, I should work on those many unanswered questions...
  2. SharKing
    Ker-bump. Just to remind peeps that this group exists. XD
  3. PokemonLeagueChamp
    Why so serious?
  4. SharKing
  5. LightArrows.exe
    How did you get all these highscores? O_o
  6. Lord Clowncrete
    Lord Clowncrete
    How long have you been battling?

    What were your early battling years like?
  7. SharKing
    @Lord Clowncrete

    I've been "battling" as early as 1999, but as far as competitive battling goes, I guess I started on March 15, 2009; that's when I was first able to connect to Wi-Fi with my DS. My first opponent was DCM (now known as The Man In Black), and because I still didn't know how to make effective movesets, I was soundly defeated.

    I guess my early... year came with a feeling of freedom; I didn't pay much attention to tiers or Smogon in general at first. I was just kinda sandboxing around, using whatever I felt like (though I didn't feel like using legendaries). Hell, I even used a Pikachu! I did focus on learning more about what would make effective movesets, where to put EVs, and just generally how I could sharpen my skills.
  8. crystallineEntropy
    Do you approve of my current profile pic?
  9. SharKing
    Ha, yeah, SharKing approves.
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