Introduce Yourselves!

Introduce Yourselves!

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  1. Cabriola
    If you're thinking of sticking around/actively participating in the group, please post here! =)

    For example:

    I'm Cabriola, an animation college student in educational life and a compulsive drawer in my casual life. Hi!

    Your turn. ;P
  2. Kutomba
    Hi, I'm Gardenia; and I love drawing grass types. Got all but some generation V ones done!
  3. Rainbow
    Hi, I'm Rainbow. I tend to draw whatever is on my mind, and I love doing animations.
  4. Snoozle

    I'm Snoozle and I can't draw, but I like to doodle.
  5. skye-wishing
    Hi im skye-wishing
    and I love doodling pokemon and making fakemon. i'm no good at computer drawing but HI!
  6. AlexandraTheZoroark
    Hi, I'm LucarioGirl.

    I like to draw myself, other people, Pokémon, stickpeople, and many things! Plus, I also love to work with clay and paint pictures with acrylic paint!
  7. Kantomasta
    Hey ya'll I'm Kantomasta, and i love to draw, and play with clay :P. I'm currently workin on a drawing of
  8. Blaah
    Hi. I'm known as "Blaah". I'm a student and I draw for fun. Oh yeah and I suppose I consider myself as unreliable. Given the fact that I have requests from ages ago I need to do. :p

    Have a nice day!
  9. Cabriola
    Hi everyone! Thanks for joining and taking an interest in the group. =)

    It's nothing special right now, hopefully I can fix some things up for it when I've got some spare time...
  10. Nyokou
    Hello my name is Nyo!

    I was in the Center for the Arts in high school - a special center for gifted art students that hundreds of kids audition for each year and only 20~25 are accepted - and completed all 4 years. My class started out with 25 kids but we ended up with only 12 people by our senior year. I miss those days...

    Anyway~ I graduated high school last year and I plan on going to college eventually to get my BFA. My specialties are chalk, prismacolor, and oil. But I really want a tablet since I don't have access to traditional materials right now... I left them all at my parents'. Plus I am extremely interested in digital art, since I used to do oekaki drawings as a kid.
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