All the reasons it's so stupid.

All the reasons it's so stupid.

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  1. Bishie Karis-chan
    Bishie Karis-chan
    Quote Originally Posted by So-Deadly Kindness
    ...because it puts me to sleep after the first eight seconds of running and stopping.
    Yeah, seriously. >_>

    Also, the fanatics can be kinda creepy sometimes. o_o
  2. Dr. GM
    I tried to watch one in the summer with my uncle...

    ...I woke up with a dry throat, a whiplash, and a craving for food.
  3. AlexandraTheZoroark
    I hate it because it's boring to watch (To me), and I suck at playing it.
  4. CuboneKing
  5. Vanillish Twilight
    Vanillish Twilight
    You guys already said it all, it's boring and it's violent.
  6. Silverwynde
    It's boring, it's over-rated and it's way too popular around here!

    I live in WI and all I ever hear about is the Packers. Anything and everything Packers trumps actual, honest-to-goodness news. When we had the shooting in the spa near Milwaukee in the summer, that was a front page story in out local newspaper....but the headline belonged to the Green Bay Packers as training camp was coming to a close. Seriously? A football training camp trumps the fact that people were shot?! Even worse, when the Packers nearly had that perfect season last year but dropped a game, a woman who lived around here choked her daughter because she was upset about the loss. Abusing your child because a group of overpaid guys lost a ball game. Stay classy, lady.

    But perhaps the most infuriating thing about it is the fact it overshadows other sports. I'm a baseball fan--true blue Brew Crew!--and when the Brewers were in the playoffs in 2011, no one seemed to care. But the second football season started, everyone at my workplace was allowed to wear Packers jerseys and the like. Yet, I wasn't allowed to rep my team. So to put it bluntly, I'm pretty sick of football.
  7. Lester Nygaard
    Lester Nygaard
    Who wants to watch overpaid oiks kicking a ball around like there's no tomorrow,
    shouting like the apes they are?!?
    Oh, is this American football we're talking about? I was referring to Football in Ireland, the same as of soccer.
    But still, the reasons why I hate both are the same.
    Still, anyone in this group has earned my respect and is ABSOLUTELY SPIFFING!!
  8. The Hoopster
    The Hoopster
    Because the players get millions of dollars just for "entertaining" people.

    Oh yeah, and it's BORING!!!
  9. Spyspotter
    It's boring, and these morons get paid more than the president!
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