Favorite Characters?

Favorite Characters?

  1. Gaga
    I figured, since a few episodes are out and we have first impressions of the cast might as well.

    I'd say

    1) Weiss
    She's not the nicest but episode 5 and her song make it obvious that she hides behind a facade. Plus she's the most interesting and hilarious so far.
    2) Jaune
    Adorable underdog is also hilarious and has perfect comedic timing. "Snow angel" xD
    3) Blake
    She's smart and calm but can be snarky as episode 2 showed. Plus I love her image song the most :3c She has the potential to have the best back story of the main four, imo.
    4) Ruby
    Adorable and kind hearted. Her reactions to things are funny.
    5) Yang
    Pure badassery.
  2. Dex
    Loving the show so far. The best part is that every character is involved in the comedy. A good story that has great humor at every turn is alway a wonderful combo.

    As of episode 5:
  3. Karisse
    Idk how I missed this, but YANG. YANG IS BY FAR MY FAVORITE CHARACTER IN THE ENTIRE SHOW I JUST [fangirling intensifies]
  4. Kakuna Matata
    Kakuna Matata
    My favorite character is every named character except for Team CRDL.

    ...okay, if I had to narrow it down more, everyone on Team RWBY. '3'
  5. RainbowSkittles
    Mine will always be Yang followed by Blake,Ruby,Weiss
  6. Gaga
    Time to rearrange!

    Weiss, Ruby, Yang, Blake, Sun, Jaune, Neptune, Nora
    I'm just gonna go KM's route and say everyone but Team CRDL is perfect <3
  7. Dex
    My list has done a little changing as well:
    1) Blake. Hell yeah. But please, stop hurting yourself. It's so sad...

    2) Pyrrha. That fight in Vol.2 Ep. 5 won me over even more than before. Yes, it was a total curbstomp, but it was also probably the most beautifully choreographed fight so far in the series.

    3) Weiss. She's stopped being a total racist b*tch. Not that that made her any less enjoyable a character, I just appreciate it. She's had some of the quietest, but most effective character development so far this volume.

    4) Ren. Because he still is awesomely silent.

    Oh, and my "major plot element" theory about Blake translated to "I've been thinking for a while that she's a Faunus, but I don't want to be the first to stand up and say it." :D Turns out it was nearly perfect.
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