Episode 9

Episode 9

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  1. RainbowSkittles
    This one just got released

  2. Enzap
    For some reason the professor reminds me of Excalibur.
  3. Gaga
    I expected a short episode after last week's mega episode but this was pleasantly good.
    Yang and Weiss' reactions to the professor's gloating were hilarious.
  4. Enzap
    I was pretty surprised by Blake's perkiness. She was never overtly joyful, but she went along with everything else so nonchalantly. She might be my favorite of the main 4 now.
  5. Gaga
    Plus she's totally a yaoi fan
    +10 points for Gryffindor

    She's certainly in my top three of the cast. I can't decide who's second between her and lady killer Jaune.
  6. Dex
    I'm gonna lose it if Blake's personality gets any more perfect and relatable for me. Quiet, but finds a way to make every word matter. Reclusive book-lover, who still comes out and lives in the moment. Stop being the female version of me, just stop!
  7. Dex
    Okay, that last moment aside, here's my thoughts:

    -Professor Port is cringe-worthy. That makes him PERFECT. Somehow I think he's going to turn around and show just how he was a great fighter and why he's a professor at a prestigious school.
    -As I expected, Ruby v. Weiss is not over yet. Speaking of which, Ruby was incredibly immature. Almost Apergers-like in the way she persisted at that kind of humor, not knowing when to stop and loving the reaction she could get from her teammates.
    -Yang is our resident kleptomaniac.
    -Blake, your guilty pleasure is secret no more.
    -JNPR is just adorable.

  8. Karisse
    It was a good episode I suppose. Ruby's behavior kinda ... surprised me, honestly. I knew she was energetic (I mean, that was obvious), but ... crude doodles? Nose-picking? Honestly I thought she was beneath that.

    Not that I hate her for it. It's just a bit ... jarring.

    And somehow I'm not surprised at Blake's guilty pleasure.
  9. Gaga
    Honestly, I have to say Ruby being weirdly immature here finally gave Weiss justification for at least some of her attitude towards Ruby in the early episodes xD
    Well, that and the fact that Ruby almost killed them both with a dust explosion.

    Still, even as a Weiss fan, she was needlessly rude to Ruby for most of their arguments. Episode 9 was all Ruby though.
  10. Enzap
    So what happened to the concept of dust? Did they just forget about it or...?
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