Episode 5

Episode 5

  1. RainbowSkittles
    This was released today and is the second part of episode 4

    Key Moments in this one are

  2. Gaga
    Yay, it was obvious but I'm pleased Weiss and Ruby are partners :3

    Blake and Yang better be partners (they probably will)
    Introvert + extrovert pairing pls
  3. Enzap
    If they're going to complete the square of RWBY, then Yang and Blake practically have to be partners.

    I laughed at the part where Weiss just walks away from Ruby... sees Shawn (is that his name?).... and walks back to Ruby.
  4. Chief Executive
    Chief Executive
    It was a cool episode. You can actully see everyone's personalities in the way the landed.
  5. Dex
    Yeah, I thought that too about the landings.

    Ruby's "Birdie, nooo!"

    Weiss elegantly stepped down from the sky.

    Ren did his tree spiral thing of awesome.

    Yang was... Yang.

    Jaune fell helplessly.

    Pyrrha had one of the most amusing to me. Basically she just went straight through everything and landed without a care. Then of course the helping hand she gave Jaune.
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