What If Reggie Had Been Ash's Traveling Companion?

What If Reggie Had Been Ash's Traveling Companion?

  1. FinalArcadia
    I've often wondered what it would be like if Reggie had traveled with Ash instead of Brock (one breeder replacing another).

    Personally, I think the group would've had more chemistry. Reggie and Dawn seemed less awkward together than Brock and Dawn, in my opinion. And it would've meant some eye candy for me.
  2. CommanderPigg
    Well, as much as Reggie fits the role (though, technically, we don't much much about his cooking abilities :P) I'm not sure how the group would work out. I mean, the sibling dynamic was pretty cute with Max and May, but at the same time...every time Ash and Paul met up, there'd be Reggie...and for some reason that seems a bit awkward to me XD

    But yes, aesthetically, it would look good :P
  3. Madame Pika
    Madame Pika
    well the eye candy is the thing

    The problem is that one of the reasons Shinji's interaction/rivalry with Satoshi worked so well was that it was taken slowly. Had Reiji been traveling with Satoshi from the start, revealing Shinji's character slowly would have been far more difficult.

    Over than that, sure why not?
  4. FinalArcadia
    (OMG, people actually joined!! I'm so happy!!! XD)

    Hmm...those are good points that both of you bring up. I hadn't considered how awkward it might be every time Ash ran into Paul.

    But what if neither Reggie nor Paul ever told Ash until much later in the series, leaving Ash to wonder what the deal was between them? I think that could have led to some enjoyable intrigue. Ash and Dawn could've been all, "Oh no, we've had a potential traitor in our group!" and then settled it, of course...but I think that would've been so interesting.
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