Reiji ships: which you like like?

Reiji ships: which you like like?

  1. Madame Pika
    Madame Pika
    Another obligatory thread.

    I personally ship: evashipping since it's cannon since they're already pretty interesting as brothers so shipping could actually add to that and Aishiteneshipping (but not curtain for whatever reason *sigh*). I used to be a Heiseishipper but then I lost interest. I'd like to ship him with more girls.

    Please say who you ship Reiji with. Like with most of these you don't have to say why but it may make things more interesting.
  2. FinalArcadia
    As weird as I feel saying it, I kind of like Evashipping as well... They are really cute together! XD Heiseishipping is alright, I don't really love or hate it.

    OlderBrotherShipping has kind of grown on me as well. I mean the one with Reggie and Brock, in case I'm wrong about the name. I mean, they always sit SO CLOSE to each other when they watch Ash and Paul battle...totally evidence, LOL! :D

    I don't think there is an actual ship for this, but I think that Reggie and Cilan would be, like, the best thing ever. No, really! I think they would complement each other quite nicely (as Cilan might say, it would be a fresh, bold recipe, lol). Hmm, I might need to draw a picture of this ship... XD
  3. CommanderPigg
    I am definitely an evashipper (it's kinda hard to be a reggie fan without being one since like 90% of all the art of him are in eva pics ^^;). Just in the brotherly way, nothing past that :P

    I'm also an OlderBrotherShipper because I think that they can relate with each other, having to watch over an unruly younger sibling. Plus, they're both comashippers and breeders, so they already share two important interests!

    Oh, I support CurtainShipping. Maylene x Reggie is just really adorable...they probably meet up with each other often in Paul's absence, and I'd like to think that she has a little crush on him ^^

    Reggie and Cilan...Oh god, bishie overload XD That would be an amazing ship! I can see Cilan go into a long verbose "tasting" of someone, and Reggie just interjects " know, he could just be ___" like the knowing older brother he is :P
  4. FinalArcadia
    Quote Originally Posted by ShinjIteru
    I can see Cilan go into a long verbose "tasting" of someone, and Reggie just interjects " know, he could just be ___" like the knowing older brother he is :P
    ^^This. YES. XD I can totally see that happening, and I love it! Now we just need Reggie to show up in BW to unleash the floodgates of Cilan X Reggie fanart! Mwahaha!
  5. Madame Pika
    Madame Pika
    Dento and Reiji... could really work. I can't see why they'd be attracted to one another but the idea that they would be is just interesting. I can't say I ship it just yet but... lets see.

    Also, going to throw lostgoalshipping out there. It's one of those ships that excite me every time I spot it on the incomplete list of pokemon ships then, forget about. I'd ship it if it weren't for that but, am interested to see how you feel about it.
  6. FinalArcadia
    @Madame Pika

    Hmm, I'd forgotten about LostGoalShipping until now. That's Reggie and Ursula, right? I've never really given that one much thought, to be honest, but that's probably because I don't really like Ursula. Might be interesting though, with both of them having such different personalities.
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