Top, a one-shot BadKarmashipping fanfic.

Top, a one-shot BadKarmashipping fanfic.

  1. Kakuna Matata
    Kakuna Matata
    Boy/Boy, ya'll have been warned.


    The two boys sat on the bed together in silence for what seemed like an eternity until Karamazov spoke up. "Puppy, please, just this one time, can I be top? I want to give it another try."

    The Puppetmaster fidgeted in his seat, his gaze cast away from the other occupant of the room. " know how I feel about you, but this...I don't think I can agree to this. After what happened last time..." His grip on the bed sheets tightened.

    "Please Puppy!" Karamazov yelled. The outburst was a little bit louder than he intended, and he blushed with embarrassment. He hoped the dim lighting in the room would be enough to hide it from The Puppetmaster. "I know I hurt your trust last time, and your parents...well, they weren't too thrilled with it, but obviously they've forgiven me if they let me come back to see you! And I've been really good too, haven't even asked to be top for a long time..."

    'Oh Arceus, if he gives me those puppy-dog eyes, I don't think I'll be able to say no to him.' The Puppetmaster thought. It was funny, Karamazov's nickname for him was "Puppy," but he was the one who would always resort to puppy-dog eyes to make things go his way. And to this day, The Puppetmaster could not resist those eyes...

    Off on his train of thought, The Puppetmaster failed to notice that Karamazov had gotten off the bed and was thus caught off guard when his friend got down on one knee and took his hands in his own.

    "Please Puppy," the older boy said, practically in a whisper, "let me be top."

    "Kara, I'm scared of what could happen."

    "Are you saying I'm fat!?"

    "What, no!" The Puppetmaster was a bit flabbergasted at that question. "Why on earth would you think that?"

    "That's what you said last time I was top," replied Karamazov, making a pouty face and crossing his arms. =3=

    "That was a joke, dude," chuckled The Puppetmaster. "And remember, you were top, for a bit. It's what happened afterwards that caused problems..."

    Karamazov looked toward his friend and his face resumed its normal appearance. "Ah, so that's what you were getting at." He took The Puppetmaster's hands back into his own and resumed his earlier tone. "Rest assured Puppy, that won't be happening again. We've known each other for quite some time now. During that time, I've seen you grow, and...well, I like to think that I've grown as well." He started to blush again at that last part.

    The Puppetmaster nodded. "You have grown, Kara, don't sell yourself short. I don't like when you do that."

    "Then please, give me another chance Puppetmaster. Please. I won't break that trust again."


    "Pretty pleeeeaaaaasssse?" And with that, the puppy-dog eyes came out.

    'Aw crap, there goes all my willpower.' T_T The Puppetmaster's features visibly softened at Karamazov's expression. "Ok Kara, you can be top."

    "Thank you, Puppetmaster. This time, I'll do the right thing."

    ~*~5 minutes later~*~


    The bed kept creaking. The Puppetmaster was sure it would break, just like his trust that he had placed in Karamazov. "KARA, STOP THAT RIGHT NOW! "

    His friend obliged him and ceased jumping on the bed, getting ready to fire up his puppy-dog eyes again, but The Puppetmaster wasn't having any of that.

    "No, you can just stop right there, because it isn't going to work this time." The Puppetmaster had put on his srs bsns face. In truth, he was bluffing. We already covered how he couldn't resist those eyes. But if he didn't give Karamazov the chance to make them, there would be nothing to resist in the first place. He continued looking up at Karamazov and pressed on. "Didn't your mom ever read you that story about monkeys and how they shouldn't jump on the bed?"

    "First you called me fat, now you're calling me a monkey." muttered Karamazov, acting dejected.

    "I did not and you know it. Stop twisting my words around," said The Puppetmaster, still with his srs bsns face on. "My parents aren't going to let you stay over if you keep doing that, that's why they kicked you out the last time you were in the top bunk."

    "B-but Puppy, I can't jump on my bed back in Canadia, it's against the law...or something."

    "...what?" o_o

    "That's why I always want to be top when I come down to visit you. I DUN WANT THE MOUNTIES TO GET ME! D':" cried Karamazov as he dove under the covers.

    The Puppetmaster was taken aback. He hadn't exactly been keeping up with America's Hat's laws. To think they had outlawed bed jumping...the nerve of those people of the north! To deny his Kara the joy of jumping up and down and having a gay ol' time. He was just about ready to take his non-existent plane and fly on up there to yell at that fun-hating Canadian government, but he had a scared boy in his top bunk that needed tending to first. He climb up the ladder and sat down on the cushy bed and poked the huddled mass underneath the covers. "Kara?"

    Karamazov peeked his head out a bit, looking at his friend. "Y-yes?"

    "Just this once, it's ok. You can jump as much as you want."

    "R-really!?" Karamazov's face lit up at this announcement.

    "Really." The Puppetmaster smiled back. "My parents won't be home for awhile, so jump to your heart's content. Er, as long as there are still bunk beds when they get back."

    Karamazov made another pouty face at this and turned away with a superfluous huff. "There you go, calling me fat again."

    "Oh come on, you know what I mean." The Puppetmaster teased as he gave his friend a playful push. Karamazov couldn't keep up his pouty face at that, as he cracked open one eye and smirked, before giving The Puppetmaster a push back. He stood up and proceeded to jump on the bed. To his surprise, his Puppy started jumping with him.

    And the two carried on like that, gayly jumping about on the top bunk, enjoying the other's company, doing flips and playing that-parachute-game-that-you-play-in-gym-class-with-the-beach-ball-in-the-center-that-the-whole-class-throws-up-into-the-air until they heard The Puppetmaster's parents' car pull into the driveway. By the time they walked into the house and peaked into The Puppetmaster's room, they found two boys fast asleep.

    "Awww, aren't they precious dear?"

    "Yes, very, because we still have two beds instead of one."

    "Oh hush you." >:/

    The boys waited until both adults left the room before wishing each other pleasant dreams.

    "G'night, Kara."

    "G'night, Puppy...wait, did you check under you bed for Hypno?" Karamazov peaked over the bed down at his bunkmate, a hint of worry in his voice.

    "Yes Kara," reassured The Puppetmaster.

    "And the closet?"

    The Puppetmaster chuckled, "Yes Kara. I don't want any pied pedos getting the jump on us anymore than you do. Didn't get around to the Darkrai Check though."

    "I'm going to ignore you taking this completely legit situation lightly and wish you a 'G'night' again. See you in the morning, hopefully."

    And with that, the two boys proceeded to drift off into the Dream World.

    And then a Hypno peaked through the window and flashed a devious smirk. The End


    TPM, if you don't have bunk beds, you need to get them asap, otherwise my fic won't be canon. ;_;
  2. Karamazov

    Best line in the history of ever.
  3. The Puppetmaster
    The Puppetmaster

    I love you, KM. xDDDDDDDDDD

    The ending...sounds like a sequel...a very horrifying sequel...O_O
  4. Kakuna Matata
    Kakuna Matata
    Those Mounties can be quite vicious, as I'm sure you're well aware of Karma. (I had a hard time writing "Karamazov" throughout this fic, kept wanting to call you Karma.)
    Quote Originally Posted by The Puppetmaster
    I love you, KM. xDDDDDDDDDD

    The ending...sounds like a sequel...a very horrifying sequel...O_O
    B-but that completely ruins my OTP for you! D: Tank ya. xD

    It would suffer from Cerebus Syndrome most likely.
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