Battle game. DOUBLE

Battle game. DOUBLE

  1. Jaden Yuki
    Jaden Yuki
    Choose 2 Sensible Pokemon and battle!

    My 2!

    Pikachu and Raichu!
  2. Wheatley
    I choose Jolteon and Hitmonchan!
  3. Jaden Yuki
    Jaden Yuki
    Pikachu, use Electro Ball on Raichu!
    Now raichu use Iron Tail and Smash it at Hitmonchan Go!

    *Fires at Hitmonchan*

    Now Raichu use grass knot Loads while Pikachu uses Brick Break again and again on Jolteon!
  4. Wheatley
    Hitmonchan, try to use Mach Punch if you can!

    Jolteon, use Thunderbolt on Pikachu!
  5. Jaden Yuki
    Jaden Yuki
    Pikachu jump with Quick attack and smash into Hitmonchan!
  6. Wheatley
    Hitmonchan, Dodge and use Bullet Punch!
  7. Jaden Yuki
    Jaden Yuki
    Won't work, you got hit by Grass knot!

    Hitmonchan got hit by QUick attack then Electro Ball!
    Now go and make that Faint!
    Quick attack Pikachu!
    Hitmonchan Fainted...
    Now both of you use thunderbolt on Jolteon!
  8. Wheatley
    Jolteon, dodge!
    Now use Thunderbolt on Hitmonchan!
  9. Jaden Yuki
    Jaden Yuki
    Why on hitmonchan...
    He's KOed...
    Anyway return guys...
    Go Braviary and Swellow!
    Aerial aces go and destroy Jolteon!
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