Unknown Tournament

Unknown Tournament

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  1. Dragoon Rider
    Dragoon Rider
    First off the grand prize is not an Unknown or however you you spell it. I finally got time to post this (power outage for 2 days). Here are you wonderful PRIZES

    1) Was a MYSTERY, now a DARKRAI
    2) was a MYSTERY, now a SHAYMIN
    3) Japan Charizard The Flaming E
    4) DD Dratini Anicker1

    Everyone gets a Riolu, Magby, Elekid, but must continue to the end with the tournament, so only 4 people...
    Here are the RULES

    1) NO ubers (garchomp & jirachi is ban)
    2) Sleep Clause
    3) NO HAX items
    4) NO Hacked pokemon in ANY way
    5) Evasion Clause
    6) NO OHKO moves
    7) Species Clause
    8) No 2 items can be the same
    9)Selfdestruct Clause
    10) the battles MUST be double battles
    If you have a reason you don't like the rules, I may reconsider if there is a good reason.

    The tournament has STARTED! For those who didn't tell me sorry... but you still get a riolu, magby, and elekid
    Registees-the people who have regstered

    The Flaming E
  2. Redshield
    Do we pick one team and use it for whole tourney?
  3. Redshield
    The (fake) grand prize is...
    Uknown@choice band
    Adamant 252spd 252 atk 6 hp

    Hidden power ??? Type
  4. Dragoon Rider
    Dragoon Rider
    You can switch out 2 total. and pm me to register or post here
  5. Dragoon Rider
    Dragoon Rider
    they also have to be double battles
  6. The Flaming E
    The Flaming E
    Is the tournament still today? I'm really confused on what's going on? o.0
  7. Dragoon Rider
    Dragoon Rider
    OK here are the matchups
    The Flaming E vs Samwin
    Newmoon vs Wateruser
    Anicker1 vs Redshield
  8. Redshield
    Me and anicker should be able to get it done today, at least when he comes on
  9. The Flaming E
    The Flaming E
    Okay, so what am I supposed to do now? Is there a set time to battle, or do Samwin and I just plan a time when we can both battle and let you know who won? I sent Samwin a PM about our battle, but I still don't know what else I'm supposed to do. o.0
  10. Dragoon Rider
    Dragoon Rider
    just plan a time for you guys to battle. The friend codes should be in its thread so please don't ask for it. And don't forget to post the results here Cause I'm not psychic
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