Banner, Photo Contest, Registration!

Banner, Photo Contest, Registration!

  1. Dragoon Rider
    Dragoon Rider
    OK! Lets get started! I have no art skillz, so I won't make this. We need a new group avatar, for Lugia isn't a good one for a trader group...

    Ok here's the form to register for the banner Contest registration...

    Avatar Name:
    Misc Details:
    Photo Goes Here! (Exactly, so the thread ain't to crowded, just edit the post to put in the photo!

    The form to put in a picture in our album pictures...

    Photo Name:
    Photo Goes Here! I have to approve it to put it in the album, but you get credit for putting it in, because you put it in, I just approove it...

    All of this is to prevent our group from being overcrowded with things, and pictures...
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