1. Elphie
    What shippings to you like when it comes to Ranger?

    For me it's:

    Rangershipping (LunickXSolana)

    Vatonageshipping (KeithXKate)


  2. Vsyoravno
    Spenser/Joel (DuelingRangersShipping) is my OTP now and forever. I support a lot of them, though. Including the really bizarre ones.
  3. Hitomi
    I'm a mad fan of Almiashipping (Kellyn/Kate). Srsly.

    I also love Rangershipping (Lunick/Solana <3), Vatonageshipping (Keith/Kate), whatever Isaac/Rhythmi is, Ice/Lavana, and Sven/Wendy.

    Also for the sake of crack, Kincaid/his hair but that's purely for the lulz and not for serious. I hope you wouldn't take me seriously here.
  4. Elphie
    Aw, Ice/Lavana sound really cute. I've always thought of 1-sided Ice/Kate, from Ice, but that's just me.
  5. Mijzelffan
    lol, I support the exact same of those in the first post, except for Spenser x Elita. I also support Crawford x Luana.
  6. Elphie
    Yeah, Crawford/Luana is pretty much canon. & today, when I beat Darkrai, I really was suprised. I was like "Too bad Keith doesn't sweep Kate off her feet & kiss her" It's sad that it would only happen in a hack.
  7. I'mSlowlyGoingInsane
    Hmmm let's see
    I like...
    HasidicShipping(Barlow/Crawford)- Thank you Hitomi for helping me name this ship!

    Rangershipping(Lunick/Solana)- They practically make it canon in the game.

    BellflowerShipping(Wendy/Kate)- I really don't know why I like this one, I'm using it in a one-shot I'm writing.

    DuelingRangersShipping(Spenser/Joel)- o3o

    BasementLabShipping(Mr. Kincaid/Isaac)- Yeah I think Mr. Kincaid can go die in a hole for betraying Issac's trust.

    IpanemaShipping(Keith/Rhythmi)- I think these two go cute together

    Sven/Kellyn -This one is mostly for my crackish entertainment.

    Ice/Heath? -I scare myself sometimes with the pairings I like, I had a dream last night where these two were a couple and Lavana captures Kate and brings her to where Ice's room is in Altru tower and the two of them see Ice and Heath kissing...Lavana starts going off on them while Kate says she wishes her styler had a built in camera XD

    Wow...that turned out to be longer than I thought it would...
  8. GloomyDayze
    Am I the only one who supports AlmiaShipping? DX
  9. Still Probably Modio
    Still Probably Modio
    There's only one real canon one now... heck, they got married. How can it NOT be canon?
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