Pokemon Ranger 3

Pokemon Ranger 3

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  1. Samwin
    Well since the announcement of this game, ( saw it on serebii.net), I have been reading up on it.

    From what I have read, it looks pretty good, what does everyone else think
  2. Vasili
    Well, i visited the official site but my browser isn't translating like it should, but it still looks cool.
  3. Vsyoravno
    The graphics look amazing. Ranger's graphics just get better and better! And they seem to have added a lot of cool stuff, so I'm looking forward to playing it. I don't like the design of the new player characters, though.
  4. Elphie
    I think the new desings look sorta cool. Besides, look at your Partner: YOU GET A UKULALE-CARRING PICHU!!!!! I think I love it.
  5. ☆TobyTse99☆
    I want the Ranger series to actually take over the main series... lol

    Although the magic sign or whatever seems to be hard to draw...

    I am truly looking forward to playing it!!!

    (ignore me, I just gone crazy)
  6. Vsyoravno
    Everyone seen the new promo video yet? (Go to http://www.pokemon.co.jp/special/ranger3/ and click on プロモーション映像公開 next to 2010/01/22) It looks incredible. A lot of the new features in action.

    It's kind of soon to say this, but I hope they'll be continuing the Ranger series indefinitely (unless the DS should be replaced with something that makes this impossible...). Just imagine what even better things they could come up with for future games.
  7. Samwin
    I do hope that the co-op missions can be done over wifi, (if this is the case, I am more than happy to help people with their missions)
  8. PokeBiscuit84
    I'll have to keep an eye out for when the Wi-Fi special missions come out. I missed all of 2's ones. I think it's getting kind of bad, though. In Ranger 1, you didn't need Wi-Fi for anything. In Ranger 2, you need Wi-Fi for all of the special missions and that'll probably be the case with Ranger 3 as well.
  9. Samwin
    thats sucks pokebiscuit, will let you know if I hear anything on the uk release dates
  10. Samwin
    hey, did anyone see the info released on e3 on this game
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