Pokemon ranger 2: Shadows of Almia

Pokemon ranger 2: Shadows of Almia

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  1. Hitomi
    Quote Originally Posted by Vsyoravno
    It would be nice if they didn't make the special missions only available for download for a limited time, though (even though I personally got them all).
    I agree; I was two weeks too late for the Darkrai mission. ;-;

    Personally, I didn't find any of SoA's boss captures to be terribly challenging, but in Ranger, that Steelix was the bane of my existence. Really.
  2. Izumi Curtis
    Izumi Curtis
    the worst one for me in soa so far has been drapion, man I hated that thing, I thought if I saw that cut scene once more I was gonna scream
  3. Wooper007
    The Pokemon people should make an Anime out of this game.


    I would be mega fun to watch.

    Like the dancing banana?
  4. Luna the Murderous Love
    Luna the Murderous Love
    Haha, A's all without cheating and events. done since....
    December 2008
  5. Miar
    I beat Darkrai on my first try, with Starly. Spiritomb and Rampardos were tougher.

    I wish they still had the events. They're the reason I buy the Ranger games.
  6. Mister Insufferable
    Mister Insufferable
    my second pokemon game.
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