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  1. nickstr
    Most of what is in the description applies to me and I just want to be able to discuss Misty in peace without the overly obsessive haters barging in. I do some of them a favor by not bashing May or Dawn and this is the result?
  2. Lysandre
    Welcome! I've had your same issues when trying to discuss anything pre-May on the main boards here, the reason this group was invented. Glad to have you here!
  3. nickstr
    I think they want to shun the past as much as possible but keep forgetting that this is the Pokemon TV series the majority of the general population know about. Our pain and frustration seems to be common so I can see more members shortly. Don't be surprised if you get more Misty fans to join but I think it will be a good thing for this to happen.
  4. pokemon fan 132
    pokemon fan 132
    Im glad someone created this peaceful place where members who grew up with this show from start can discuss older days when pokemon was just starting and wonderful original trio of Ash,Misty and Brock who started everything reaching worldwise popularity.

    I must say that while writing has become better in some aspects in exchange many things which made this show great in my opinion have been toned down over the years.For example i enjoyed more in humor this anime used to have in its early days,great chemistry original trio had with Misty being on big part meriturous because of it with her dynamic and firery personality.I also like how with time group became more mature like in Johto where their usual teasing and funny moments were present,becoming more understandable toward each other with no need to argue as much anymore but arguing still being present.Sadly when Misty left comedy,interaction,her battling style and something which only she could povide(some sort of spark)left aswell causing that quality in that department reduces in my opinion.

    Speaking of original series i also always liked how they used to stick less with games,with many anime only things being provided with arcs like St.Anne arc,Whirl Cup,mini quest to try to catch Haunter to defeat Sabrina,and who could ever forgtt only anime exclusive region Orange Islands which wasnt from games at all.
    Now i dont have anythjing against things from games,but i liked how previous series had more originality if you ask me with writers going more off route,something you wont find often in these days.
  5. CrackFox
    ^Agreed.Finally a place we can't be harrassed! Glad to be a part of it <3
  6. nickstr
    Another thing I like about the original five seasons is that this part of the series does not seem like an infomercial like it does today. I will admit there was some advertising in the original series but it was far more subtle than it is these days and unpredictable. No "trojan horse" effect in this case making the series all the more enjoyable and entertaining along with a dynamic main cast in the form of Ash, Misty, and Brock. Also Misty has quite a rich back story which is arguably even more rich than May's and Dawn's put together most of which lies to this day unexplored not to mention a deep and dynamic personality along with a tendency to say some of the most meaningful stuff and quote the classics of literature.
  7. CrackFox
    ^That's true. The early seasons didn't feel like an elaborate commercial at all. It had its own identity back then. In Hoenn it started to center around the games more, and now by DP it's so obviously broadcast for advertising purposes it's ridiculous.

    I'm just glad that we have so many seasons to re-watch and no one can take those away. Misty also has had the longest run so far out of all the females. (Let's face it! She deserves it)
  8. PokéVision
    I am also glad I can talk about Misty in peace.
    Although at TIMES, it can be a bit fun to defend Misty and prove others wrong. Haters gonna hate,lol.
    I don't know how people could simply hate the original series because of 'bad writing', it's the whole ground work for what Pokemon is today(which is good, but missing a lot of key elements that made the original series enjoyable) in my opinion.
    I don't care about watching fillers, I watch Pokemon simply because I enjoy watching Pokemon. I like the characters, the story, the movies, and I think it's annoying when people try to be so picky at a tv show that is just meant for entertainment.
    Idk, I just liked Pokemon the way it was, and I still like it the way it is now, just not as much(Yes, a lot has to do with Misty not being there xD) but it just seems not as, idk the word, 'fun'??
    IDK, now I am being picky...anyway, glad to be in a group like this. :D
  9. EspeonFangirl360
    I really miss the old series and Misty. I grew up watching them and that probably why i like them. Its part of my childhood. It all started when my brother got me hooked on pokemon when i was 1 or 2 years old.

    I dont like people that bash the original sereis. Sure it has better graphics and stuff now, but seriously, WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME ASH GOT SLAPPED!! .... sorry, i just miss the violence. The new violence is like really sad compared to the violence in the old episodes. what? are they trying to make it more child friendly or something. *sigh* i wish it was like before. They even had better funny moments
  10. Marik
    Everyone: Pokemon is airing on Boomerang at 6:00 EST. Just thought I'd tell you. Oh, and I got into Pokemon around Johto. That counts as original, right?
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