Second Elite Four: Λxlε Hεlιos' Tectonic Gym

Second Elite Four: Λxlε Hεlιos' Tectonic Gym

  1. Axle Helios
    Axle Helios

    Second Elite Four
    We are now CLOSED
    Welcome one and all to the Tectonic Gym. Think you can take down my Ground-types? If you can, you'll get yourself a shiny new Tectonic Badge. Impress your friends with its shininess! So shiny...
    We'll be using that new-fangled Generation Five Dream World Tier, so make sure your Pokémonsters are up to scratch, yeah?
    This Gym is situated over in England in GMT±0, so only come a-knockin' when I'm not a-sleepin', ya hear?
    These here Pokémon ain't allowed to pass through this gym's doors:

    Fancy yourself up to the challenge? Gimme a shout out on here.
    Down below, you'll find yourself a record of this gyms wins and losses, as well as the trainers who've taken down this here gym.

    Yo! Champ in the making! ... Don't use Electric-types. Honestly.
  2. Axle Helios
    Axle Helios
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