The Champion: Coolking503

The Champion: Coolking503

  1. coolking503
    Introducing, the first ever rock type Champion! And they say rock is a type for beginners, well, I show them wrong. If you get this far, man, you will need all the luck in the world to stop these hard defenses.

    Anyways, more realistically, I am the rock leader. I live in +5.5 GMT (India) time, and am available in the mornings, in the night, and sporadically throughout the day. Contact me and we can work something out.

    Rules of the thread:

    • Don't challenge me until you have enough badges/e4 wins.
      Don't arrange a time in thread. In your challenge you should probably both post a good time and VM me so we can get it done via VM. Other wise it spams up the thread.
      Don't complain too much when you lose.
      DC's count as a loss, unless it happens early in the game. Chances are this will happen to me rather than you.
      Wifi clause
      Freeze clause
      self-KO clause
      Sleep clause
      NO dream wold abilities or attacks. I play gen 5 Wifi, NOT DW.
      I follow the Smogon Uber list, and will DC if I see an Uber on your team. Also, hax items are banned. this includes the following:
      1. Quick Claw
      2. Focus Band
      3. King's Rock
      4. Bright Powder
      5. Scope Lens
      6. Lax Incense
      7. Razor Fang
      8. Razor claw

    List of challengers pending and timezone:

    Wins (score)

    Losses (score)

    Draws (Score, lol)
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