Why should you Consider our Pokemon Tabletop Game?

Why should you Consider our Pokemon Tabletop Game?

  1. celeblaiz
    Love roleplaying Pokemon? Wish you could do it in real life, maybe with real stats and a story teller? How about build your own unique Pokemon and then your own trainer and decide what they do in the world of Pokemon and see what the world of pokemon will do to you in return? :)

    We want to help and encourage pokemon fans from all over the world to recreate their loving ideals. No, this game isn't meant for little kids who want to catch them all, instead its meant for the biggest of Pokemon dreamers, roleplayers and fanatics who can all handle our Dungeons and Dragons reality of Pokemon. Dungeons and Dragons? Whats that :O If you don't know the number one nerd/dork/geek game of all time then you've been hiding in the closet way too long my friend. In short, Dungeons and Dragons is of the oldest and hugest tabletop roleplaying game of our time. It is true that D&D has allot of core basics and their advanced stuff is beyond my comprehension (but I love it!) but using their simple Stat, rolling and number systems Pokemon Roleplaying can finally hit off in its own unique way.

    That's where we come in. All of us Pokemon fans and possibly Dungeons and Dragons fans who share our Pokemon knowledge, we've been waiting for a Pokemon themed Roleplay that actually worked and still was allot of fun to play. Currently we have Pokemon core information down, our ideals on the trainers and a huge history behind our Pokemon DnD World. All of these things are still up to working kinks, information and creativeness at the moment. Do not fret those who are aware of the massive information Dungeons and Dragons have as well as those who are aware of the massive numbers Nintendo pumped into our loving pokemon - we have solutions! We have made simple easy systems to accommodate for all these numbers as well as the vital information such as battle basics, out of battle skills, feats, etc. We've got this!

    Do you have this? Do you have ideas, concepts and possibly smarts to share with us? Go for it! How bout the desire to make any game corrupted and broken? Go for it! We'want you to break our game, its beta version right now so every possible way a Player can break the game must be found! Or come close enough so we can all have fun and not be taken for a lonely buzz-kill ride.

    If you are interested please PM Celeblaiz and or respond to this group discussion here. We'd love to have you! Thank you!
  2. Shiny Shinx
    Shiny Shinx
    Hi! I'm intrested! And I also replyed to your blog. Is this going to be like, simple? 'Cause I'm a Bidoof, ya know?
  3. celeblaiz
    Add me to your Facebook (if you have one): My facebook. I will only take friend requests of those who ask to look at the information so far.
  4. Bandit Keith
    I'm interested, but I don't do Facebook.

    Do we pick Trainer Classes as our species/alignment/gods/etc., or Pokémon for such things?

    Also, who is the Pokémon/Dungeon Master?

    Will check your blog now.
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