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Interested members in the Pokemon Dungeons and Dragons Group can come together and form ideas, plots and attempt to break the already built damage/pokemon stat system. ^_^ Please have fun, invite others that are interested that you think that could help our awesome cause! Thank You so far!
~ Milly

A few things you should know before reading Anything Else:

1) This game will be for Mature Players Only, there will be Death, there will be Blood and other Content that may not be suitable for younger children.

2) This game will be semi realistic, meaning: the realism of an average DnD game and the potential of a Pokemon. Some roleplaying aspects may or may not be considered, so please express all idealism no matter how irrational or rational they may be.

3) The game will NOT be played until the core basics are structured and the math "seems" legit. This means do not ask if we are in beta testing; we will set a time and date for that after our foundation is placed.

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