Tell/Show us your collection!

Tell/Show us your collection!

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  1. Dark Tranquillity
    Dark Tranquillity
    ^The former, I believe. Because It looks pretty fat.

    Got some more Pokemon items recently:

    A Shaymin "Thrwoe-it" Pokeball. I think you throw it in a way so Shaymin comes out of the Pokeball.
    I haven't even opened it yet, because it looks too good to open up.

    Four five little Pokemon figures (Luario, Dragonite, Nidoqueen, Gabite, and the Tepig figure I've been looking for.

    A Ho-oh and Chimchar plush
  2. AlexandraTheZoroark
    I have a pretty puny collection...

    Cards: Level X Lucario card (A friend of mine gave it to me)
    Books: Ultimate Handbook, Sinnoh Handbook, and Pokémon: The Complete Pokémon Pocket Guide Volume 2.
    Games: Diamond version (Mine), Colleseum (My brother's), XD Gale of Darkness (Again, my brother's), and Platinum (Also my brother's -_-)
    Toys: Pikachu top. Got it when I was 5, still have it.

    ..and that's pretty much it
  3. Phoenixphlare
    I collect pokemon in the game tryin' to catch them all. I already have all the gen 3 pokemon gen 2 pokes and gen 1 monsters.
  4. PikaFreakRachel
    Hi, I'm new to the group! I have way to much to list.. Last counted I had over 1,100 figures, and I don't know how many plushes and just random stuff. Is it ok to post facebook and youtube stuff? I hopes so, cuz that's where all my pics are. Here's some of my collection Pokemon collection & random Pokemon stuff. | Facebook and my videos PikaFreakRachel's Channel - YouTube I have way more than what's pictured, but due to total room remodel (yellow walls and blue shelves, yay!) everything is currently in boxes.
  5. MegaCharr
    ^^^^ I saw you vid's and pictures and im impressed....I still have nothing compared to you but I wont give up!!!...
    All my videos games....
    my new poster that came in today...
    I got a new(err...old but cool)Pokemon movie...
    ....I fail at being a Pokemon fan but I will never give up at being a Pokemon fan!!!!
    PS:Everything's small, so you have to click on the images to see them larger....the rest is located here...
  6. PikaFreakRachel
    Aww, thanks! I'm lovin that Zekrom poster.
  7. Ein
    Well, here's my album, I still need to put in my Zorua I got from the Melbourne Show, as well as my news Croagunk and Toxicroak zukan and the Zekrom charm I got from the bath ball, and add in the rest of my card collection and my games, manga and guides.

    I'm thinking of narrowing down my collection to certain pokemon, probably the joltik line or luvdisc. Something that not many people collect, so they're not as expensive. Seriously, have you seen how much people expect you to fork out for eeveelutions? Especially espeon and umbreon. ;_; I'm also trying top track down a Shadow Lugia doll, everything on ebay is either incredibly expensive or most likely a bootleg. ;_;
  8. Milkapoke
    Okay, I'm just gonna list a later :D

    Cards- I have well over 10,000 of them; got a binder or two filled with holos. A bunch are Japanese.
    Plushes- Around 30, I want to say. Includes the super rare Nosepass Pokedoll and Banpresto Suicune. Hopefully adding a rare 2010 Halloween Espeon plush soon :D
    Figures- Around 200 or so, I have to count. I also got the mini sets, some keychains, Jessie and Brock, and also the Electronic Ash with Pokemon, and the Stadium :3
    Games- I have...Crystal, two Ruby, Emerald, four Hey you Pikachu!, Stadiums one and two, Black, Heartgold, Diamond, Pearl, two Platinum, Pinball Ruby and Sapphire, Battle Revolution, Channel, Puzzle League (N64), Ranch, Colosseum, and I think that's it XD
    Other things- Oh god, I cannot comprehend. I have so much...SO MUCH...I have Kitchenware, Cooking supplies, clocks, clothes (TONS of clothes), books, things from Japan much...
  9. Snoozle
    Wooooooo, back from the dead~

    @PikaFreakRachel - Simply crazy. A year ago I'd've been calling for your head out of jealousy, now I'm just glad I didn't go quite as far with my collecting as you have :P

    @Milkapoke - Any chance you could get a shot of most of your stuff? Also, do you have a shiny Snorlax from the Jungle set? :3

    I did add a few more things to my collection after my last postings here, but the novelty quickly wore off after this point, and then I was left in despair at the amount of stuff I'd bought.

    My most recent acquisition will be Pokémon Platinum which I won on the scavenger hunt competition, so that'll be basically the only Pokémon thing I've added for almost a year :3
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