Let's get Crackin'

Let's get Crackin'

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  1. AlexandraTheZoroark
    I have myxophobia, which is the fear of slimey things. To a regular person, slimey stuff is gross, and to myxophobes (Like me) slimey stuff is SCARY. That's why I'm deathly afraid of worms, snails, and slugs.
  2. SaintJimmy
    I have a major fear of heights..
    And I have this weird fear of .. creepy old guys. ANY adult male creeps me out, because I don't like the idea of being raped. >.>

    I also hate arachnids..

    @LucarioGirl: What?!?!
    I love slimey stuff.<3

    I always pick up snails and worms and put them on the sidewalk for a race. xD
    With my brothers of course.
  3. Enzap
    Quote Originally Posted by Kari
    Fear of insects- I even hate butterflies. They SCARE me!!!! :(
    Plus having people say bad things about me- I absolutely hate that. It's soooo scary! Which also translates into me having horrible self-esteem.
    I'm with you. Anything with an exoskeleton just gives me the creeps.
  4. Salmoneus
    http://phobialist.com/ This is just an epic list. I have arachnophobia.
  5. Cariad
    Arachnophonia, and i have susumphobia, which is a fear of elavators/lifts.
  6. Autumnbreeze
    Globophobia....fear of balloons
    Sfairesphobia....fear of balls....like volleyballs and such (Never wanna be hit by one again!!)
    annddddd Entomophobia....fear of bugs

    I'm such a weird child.
  7. Lalonde
    Xenophobia- The fear of strangers or foreigners
    Spheksophobia- The fear of wasps
    Aeronausiphobia- The fear of vomiting
    Algophobia- The fear of pain
    Bacteriophobia- The fear of bacteria
    and Belonephobia- The fear of pins and needles
    I'm getting nervouse thinking about this stuff...
  8. Niji
    I have WAY too many! I'll list some of them in no particular order.
    - Anything that could hurt me
    - Physically or mentally deteriorating
    - Places I can't see
    - People thinking badly of me
    - Certain things crawling on me
    - Being humiliated
    - Causing something horrible to happen
    - The paranormal
    - Dead and dying things
    - Other people being criminally insane
    - Losing control
    - Being afraid
    - Someone I love dying
    - Losing my personality
    - Small spaces
    - Being helpless
    - Bathrooms, hospitals, fog, and creepy places in general

    Edit: I'll add my stupid worst fear....People who've watched Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal will laugh at me for this....#96. I will start screaming if I even look at a picture of that guy.
  9. ReshiramDragonofTruth
    These are some of the things that scare me at night.
    - Slender Man
    - Bathrooms
    - Level Es (Vampire Knight)
    - Mr. A (my fourth grade teacher)
    - Lavendro's mind ^
    - The dark
    - Running out of Ramune
    - Mr. Centipede (InuYasha)
  10. nikkissippi121
    Uncontrolled fire, large bodies of water, suffocation, small spaces, insects, shots (but oddly not IVs), heights, any abnormality of the eyes, and social phobia. I also have a mild phobia of falling down the stairs, after I fractured my head doing so 3 and a half years ago.
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