Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself

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  1. soulreaperzero
    sup im 20 and i started to play pokemon when i was seven. I remember my very first pokemon was squirtle. I miss the blue version days
  2. Shadow-Lucario
    i forgot about those pokemon that ARE your official pokemon ok then mine was charmander on pokemon red
  3. Trainer Lisa
    Trainer Lisa
    I'm 24, and I've been into Pokemon ever since it first came out. I still have my original Red, Blue, and Yellow games (don't know if they work, haven't played them in a long time).

    I think I got introduced to Pokemon through the show, and then later, I found out about the games. When I went to WalMart, they had a Game Boy Color which had Pokemon Yellow in it (I'd play that thing for hours).

    I was 11 or 12 when Pokemon first came out. Then, when I turned 13, I finally got a Game Boy Color and my own copies of Red, Blue, and Yellow. =)

    The first Pokemon episode I ever saw was "March of the Exeggutor Squad" (the episode where Charmander evolved into Charmeleon). I saw this episode on KidsWB, then I was hooked on Pokemon. And I've been watching Pokemon ever since. I'm a huge fan of the original series and the Hoenn series as well. I like ALL the episodes that 4Kids dubbed. =)
  4. Lilac
    watched Kanto-Jonto(Full),Most Of Honen(Which I Kinda Liked Kinda Hated),Most Of DP season 1,some eps of DP:BD,most eps of GB,most eps of SLV,Pokemon BW EP1-15
  5. PKMN Soldier Bonvie
    PKMN Soldier Bonvie
    I am 18 years old. Been playing Pokemon since it's first release, off and on, until I joined the Air Force, where I realized that Pokemon protects my sanity. Never really watched the episodes, as I try to imagine a mature setting for Pokemon, with deeper concepts.
  6. Pokémon Master Ash
    I'm 18, been with the series since it started in the English dub, even since the Macy's Day Preview episode. Watched all eps of both dubs (rather the 4Kids dub than its successor for me- I don't know, I really like it much more). Eventually I got used to TPCi dub but was hardest thing for me as a fan to do was that as far as the anime goes. Still like the show and watch it whenever I can do so. :)
  7. Neo Blaze
    Neo Blaze
    I am Tomazzo, 19 when I write this, and a Pokémon fan from the first year on. Didn't watch the show from ep. 1 though, The Bridge Bike Gang was my first episode and I remember the circumstances about the first time I watched my first episode as if it were yesterday. Games came way later for me though, as I wasn't allowed to have a Gameboy, but I played Red / Blue on the Gameboys of friends. I'm pretty sure I started collecting cards from set 1, owning those cards and trading them was the bomb on my school. So all around you could say I am a original Pokémon fan I think.
  8. ars322
    Hey everyone!

    I've been a loyal Pokéfan since I had my dad take me to 4 different ToysR'Us's back in the day until we found one that still had the first Pokémon game in stock--I had to settle with Red as much as I wanted Blue, but, alas--

    I blame playing this game for my horrible eye sight now, but have not one single regret!
    Just starting to get into this community thing, recently got Pokémon Y and I feel like I need some friends on it! haha

    Looking forward to "meeting" you all :)
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