Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself

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  1. Shadow-Lucario
    and tell us when you first started playing pokemon also feel free to talk about what ever you please just no insults or what not.

    you can also make thread in this group if you want as long as they are nothing rude and what not also please post your age because this is for the older pokemon generation.
  2. nickstr
    I am 22 years old and first started playing Pokemon in 2000 but it was in the early part of that year so still during generation 1. The anime I watched from 2000-2003 but still watch the first five seasons as a whole. Tried watching the more recent Diamond and Pearl an the new Black and White seasons and absolutely HATED them. The second of the two I could only stand to watch for three minutes while Diamond and Pearl even less, just one or two minutes. Never got into the card games but I have started to collect some of the older ones though.
  3. InsomniaticSpriter
    I am 19 years old, and I have watched every episode of every gen. (even the banned episodes).

    I have played EVERY game.
    I started playing pokemon blue, just months after it came out in the US.

    I have every movie.

    I have collected at least one piece of merchadise from some promotion (plushies from wendy's, card from burger king, etc etc etc).
  4. Green Zubat
    Green Zubat
    I'm nearly 19 and mostly a fan of the Games. I started with Red (or maybe it was Blue...) in 1998 and have ben going strong ever since. Watched the anime from start until the end of the Johto saga but have started watching it again now that Unova has begun. Used to play the card game (first card was the infamous shiny charizard) but not so much anymore and I'm slowly but surely getting into the Mangas.
  5. The Power of Pika
    The Power of Pika
    I'm 23 and have watched Pokemon from the beginning.

    I've watched kanto, orange islands, Johto, Hoenn, battle fronteir and alot of sinnoh in dub. I am still currently watching the rest of dub sinnoh and catching up and enjoying it. I own seasons 1-11 dub on DVD. I also own movie 1-12 on DVD.

    I have seen random sinnoh episodes in japanese and own a few DVD's. This also includes 2 undubbed mini movies. I have also seen movie 1 and 5 in japanese also aswell as raikou legend of thunder.

    I have seen Chronicles and most of the specials aswell as all the dub movies released so far and even own them.

    My most favourite seasons however are season 1, the end of johto (beginning of season 6), season 9 and Diamond and pearl series.

    I started with red version back in the days and have managed to get every version released to date except for black version which I will get on english release.

    My most favourite Pokemon games however is actually in the side games in the series. That being Pokemon Mystery dungeon series. I really love roguelike games.

    I've gotten into the manga in recent times. Pokemon adventures, Pokemon Diamond and pearl adventure, a couple of movie manga's and I even have a Mystery dungeon manga. Practically anything I can get my hands on.

    I do have a collection of cards. I don't actually use them in any games against anyone. I tend to like the artwork. However I do know the old rules from back when wizard was in charge of it.
  6. Shadow-Lucario
    welcome all to the social group i am glad that it has expanded and maybe i should have put my history down better late than never.

    i was here since the beginning, read in a magazine that a new anime was coming on and i had to watch it ever since i have been hooked.

    i used to collect the cards and still have a really good collection but mainly sealed away, my first card out of the pack was a weedle i think. . . dont laugh.

    i have watched nearly every anime episode from ep 1 to the 1st episode of diamond and pearl. (i dont want to spoil the story so i am looking to buy the whole season on dvd all seasons if possible).

    i have not read any mangas because the shops around me dont sell any pokemon mangas . . . it is a shame.

    i have every pokemon game from the gameboy to the wii. i was even lucky enough to find a pokemon yellow game and pokemon yellow game boy colour with pickachu on front in mint condition. . .

    as for the merchadise i have not been able to find any near me and was only able to pick up a riolu plushy in america during my visit (ran out of cash almost pulled my hair out when i found the pokemon shop).

    other than that i dont think i have missed anything, i think you can guess what my fav pokemon is , as for my fav character . . . . james he is just so clueless
  7. Blaah
    Helloo I'm a 19 year old known as "Blaah" around here. I started playing Pokemon not long after I turned 8.

    Hah I still have a Pokemon Tshirt I found pretty recently that I got about just over 10 years ago, and I still wear it. I also have an old Pikachu cushion I got around the same time. And it currently lives in the lounge, and most of the visitors(mainly cousins) always notice/remember my Pikachu. Too bad I don't have much merchandise left.

    And the first episode is always the most memorable.
  8. Shadow-Lucario
    nice of you to join hope you all enjoy your stays here and hopefully we shall get more members soon i wish i had more mechandise lol
  9. nickstr
    I have some but the bulk of it is my collection of Misty/Kasumi related stuff including some rare gems such as the Misty's Song CD single from Germany, the rare and desirable Japanese Kasumi no Namida card, and an exact replica of her shoes from the Kanto-Johto (and some Chronicles episodes) outfit.
  10. Shadow-Lucario
    looks like we have some new members welcome all
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