Zelda Theorizing!

Zelda Theorizing!

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  1. Dewgong Reign
    Dewgong Reign
    Have any speculation on holes in the timeline like where the Kokiri went, is Telma a half-Gerudo, what was Snowpeak Ruins or Sheik's true gender?

    Post them here!

    Also (I hope this doesn't count as advertising) I write my own Zelda theories, and am currently posting them at Zelda Universe Forums. I would post a link, but I'm still not sure if that's advertising until $aturn clarifies.
  2. $aturn¥oshi
    Yeah, you can post a link.

    The biggest theory, I guess, floating around is Sheik's gender. I believe Zelda is merely disguised as a male through her clothing and such, but is still a girl while disguised as Sheik.
  3. Mitsuru
    I think it was hinted at that the Kokiri evolved into the Koroks.

    And I believe Sheik's using sarashi to bind her breasts.
  4. $aturn¥oshi
    In her SSBB outfit, you can see the wraps that hide her womanly curves. Also, it's not exactly like she was really well endowed.

  5. Mitsuru
    But in other SSBB works, you can see boobs.
  6. $aturn¥oshi
    It depends on the angle, I think. I'll try to get some definitive snapshots and upload them.
  7. Mitsuru
  8. Dewgong Reign
    Dewgong Reign

  9. $aturn¥oshi
    I think the light and the angle are playing tricks in that shot.
  10. Mijzelffan
    Quote Originally Posted by Mitsuru
    I think it was hinted at that the Kokiri evolved into the Koroks.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dewgong Rain


    Now here are some real things to speculate about:

    Does Koholint actually exist?

    If Ganondorf is born as a gerudo, then why do so many games portray Ganon as his "true form"? True form usually refers to the form you were born as after all.

    How can Tetra lose her dark skin when she transforms into zelda but get it back when she transforms back?

    Do the Mermaids who frequently appear in Zelda games have any connection to Zora's? Why don't they appear anymore in the newer games?

    If Majora's Mask can act on it's own, why didn't it leave the masked man much sooner? Also how can it act on it's own, does it have a soul trapped inside?

    How do Kinstones work? Seriously?

    Why hasn't tingle been arrested yet for kidnapping David Jr.?

    If Linebeck has a Courage gem, and knows you're collecting them and need them to save everything, then why doesn't he give it to you untill you let some pirates enter the ship and then leave them?

    How does that guy in the Nintendo Club know all that information about everything and everyone. Is he a stalker?

    Why does Link change into a pink bunny in the dark world? Why don't the princesses change form when they don't carry moonpearls?

    Are the Link and Zelda from Spirit Tracks related? (yes)

    Do Rupee's grow underground? Doesn't that kinda ruin the economy?

    That was all I could think of. For now.
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