A place to keep my RP Sign Ups (for RPs I'm currently in)

A place to keep my RP Sign Ups (for RPs I'm currently in)

  1. Serenity
    Name: Alice Whitaker
    Age: 16 (Birthday: November 17th)
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Heredity: Half Angel
    Ability: Alice is known as healer, which makes her have partial control over wounds and injuries. However, due to her being part human, things such as diseases and deadly illnesses can't be healed. She can only heal wounds, and basic illnesses such as colds. In battle, she can inflict poison upon her enemies and attack with ice.

    Appearance: Alice stands at around 5'5, and weighs 130 pounds. She has straight, light brown hair that goes down to a few inches past her shoulders; her bangs are cut in a choppy sense that they frame her soft, fair toned, heart shaped face. Her eyes are a beautiful cerulean color that contrasts against her light skin tone. Alice's cheeks are slightly tinted a pale pink, while her lips are that of a rosy color. She wears a light blue, spaghetti strapped top, a flowing, white skirt that goes to her knees, and light blue sandals.

    Personality: At first glance, Alice is a quiet, reserved individual. However, once you get to know her, she becomes a lot more cheery and is more willing to open up. She does her best to have a positive outlook on life, and tries to remain calm in every situation (as taught by her mother). She isn’t one to go crazy or act irrational. All she really wants in life is happiness, love, and to please her parents. Since she tries so hard to make her parents proud, she tends to try so hard that she gets easily stressed. This also causes her to have a lot of anxiety and worry. When she's alone, you'll more than likely hear her singing a song or two. She doesn't know much about the opposite sex, since her father is the only real male figure that she's ever had a strong relationship with. Because of not knowing about males much, she tends to get curious, which causes her to get into some awkward situations. While she doesn't like to fight, she will if she has to, and isn't afraid to do it.

    Birthplace: Ecruteak City, Johto.

    Sunny- Clefairy (Female)
    Whisper- Espeon (Female)
    Jack- Eevee (Male)
    Charlie- Arcanine (Male; family pet)

    History: Alice was born in Ecruteak City to her angelic mother and human father. While growing up, Alice was just like any other little girl around. However, at age 7, she had a friend named Alissa who was stricken with a deadly illness and died only months later. This led her mother to begin training her in the ways of healing, but she could only do so much since she knew that Alice was part human. So, for the next 7 years, Alice became homeschooled and studied as much as possible on the ways of healing. As a result, she is knowledgeable about angels with healing abilities among other things, but her social life became nonexistent. For her 14th birthday, Alice received a Clefairy and an Eevee egg. The Eevee egg eventually hatched into twin Eevee; a female and a male. Her father then began trying to teach her how to Pokémon battle, which she still hasn’t gotten as great as her father. During one of those practice sessions, one of Alice’s eevee evolved into an Espeon. It wasn’t long after that when Alice received her letter to go to Nebula Academy. So, she spent the next year training her Pokémon and honing her angelic abilities as well. While she still isn’t at the level she needs to be, Alice hopes to go to the academy and get the training that she needs in order to become a healer. Before she departed, Alice’s father stopped her and gave her a Pokeball that contained his precious Arcanine and family pet, Charlie. Alice bid her mother and father farewell and travelled onto London, where she knew her life was about to change.
  2. Serenity
    Name: Luna Hunter

    Age: 18 (Her birthday being December 17th)

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Straight

    Role: Student

    Appearance: Luna is around 5’3, and has a petite frame. Her hair is a dark noir color that went to just past her shoulders. The natural curl she has makes it appear as if it was “scrunched”. Luna is also heterochromatic. Her left eye is a vibrant green while her right eye is baby blue. These features 'popped' against her fair, almost white color of skin.

    She usually wears a white tanktop that she pairs up with different types of jewelry. Mostly, she wears a golden necklace with a heart-shaped locket on it. Opening the locket shows a picture of Panda and Frost in it. She also wears dark wash blue jeans, and wears black sandals. On some occasions, she has her headphones around her neck. They seem to be the noise-cancelling type, so they appear bulky, and with large, black speakers that cover her ears completely. Most of the time, they're put away. However, she listens to her music whenever she's studying or has time to spare.

    Personality: Luna is a quiet, shy, anti-social girl at first glance. She doesn't have any friends where she’s living at, so she can only rely on her Pokemon to be her friends. Her father has raised her to have high expectations and morals. In all reality though, her standards aren’t that high but her morals are embedded into her core. She plans to do her best to stick with them at all times. Due to her father’s strict ways, she keeps up this shy, snobbish exterior. She plans on breaking free of it once she’s away from her father. Her real personality is a more humble, gentle type. She is somewhat shy when you first meet her, she’ll quickly come out of her shell and be sociable. She isn’t a ‘party girl’ or anything of the sort, but she is up for a good adventure or two. Of course, her studies come first, and she refuses to let anything else come second. Her love for writing has filled up some of the gaps of depression that she feels, but there are still skeletons that Luna refuses to let anyone know about. Not even her father knows of these skeletons. It’s uncertain if her Pokemon know of these things, but whenever they tend to get protective of her when it comes to her talking with men, especially middle-aged men. Her IQ is around 140, and her expertise is English and writing. She hopes to one day become an author, and write of her adventures, that she plans to go on, with her Pokemon.

    Back story: Luna Rose Hunter was born on December 17th, in the Pastoria City hospital. She weighed around 7 pounds, and 6 ounces. In length, she was around 21 inches long. Overall, a cute little baby. Her father couldn’t have been more happy and proud of her. However, her mother didn’t seem too thrilled with the arrival of Luna. It wasn’t until the age of six that Luna learned of her mother’s hate towards her.

    One September day, her mother packed her things and left both Luna and her father. No visible reasons as to why she left, but a letter to Luna’s father made it evident that the six year old was one of the main reasons she left. That letter exposed all of this built-up jealousy towards the little girl. The letter also mentioned that her mother wanted to get back into the “modeling” industry, as it was called. In all reality, it was more of her wanting to post risqué photos on the internet to try and get famous. The only reason her mother stopped to begin with was that she had gotten pregnant, and had to marry Luna’s father. She figured the time was right to leave and continue living her life without any baggage. The letter had crushed Luna’s father, and left an impact on Luna’s life.

    After that, Luna’s father packed up and moved the two to Eterna City, where he hoped they could begin a new life; a new life without the horrid memories of what happened. For the next four years, Luna’s father kept her home schooled and became a really strict parent. Some of the restrictions she was faced with seemed kind of ludicrous. Only 30 minutes of TV per day, no video games, no outdoor activities, no socialization with the other children, and her father put her into a ritual that she followed every single day. Her father did this as a way of protecting his daughter from the outside world. He worried her caring, gentle nature would cause her to get hurt, both physically and mentally. The last thing he wanted was his daughter suffering the same fate that he did when his ex-wife walked out on him. He thought this would be all it took for him to stay happy and to keep Luna safe from harm. However, when Luna started puberty, her father saw that he was going to have to make some changes. Changes were definitely made.

    On her tenth birthday, Luna’s father surprised her with a birthday gift that she never expected to receive: A Pokemon.

    “Nyaa!” the Pokemon meowed. Luna looked in amazement as she stroked its soft, pink and cream colored fur. Her father explained that this Pokemon was a Skitty that he had bought from some breeders in Hoenn. He went over how to properly take care of Skitty, and warned that just because she had a Pokemon didn’t mean that she could go outside or do anything of the sort. This Pokemon was merely meant to keep her company. Luna nodded, and decided to name the Skitty ‘Panda’. Luna simply explained that when she looked at the Skitty, the name Panda came to mind. Her father sighed and agreed with the name. Luna’s first Pokemon and best friend was Panda the Skitty. This seemed to change Luna’s life for the better until she hit around thirteen years old. The depressive side of puberty began taking over. At night, she would often cry herself to sleep because she constantly had nightmares of her mother coming back and murdering her. This sleep cycle became routine for two months before her father took her to a psychiatrist. The Psychiatrist diagnosed Luna with manic depression. It was suggested that Luna either have more interaction with Pokemon or go to a therapist. Her father didn’t want Luna to be swayed by a therapist, so he simply agreed to get her involved with Pokemon more. At night, after everyone was asleep, he would take Luna to the Eterna Forest where she could play with some of the friendlier Pokemon. Luna had befriended a Murkrow, Misdreavus, Wurmple, Dustox, and Buneary. For months, she continued to play with them every night she could. However, these friendships didn’t last long.

    One night, Luna went into the forest to visit her friends when she saw them being captured by a traveling trainer. She tried to stop the trainer, only to realize that she couldn’t get them back, no matter how hard she tried. Her heart was broken. After that night, she hasn’t set foot anywhere near the Eterna Forest. Her father realized his mistake, and tried to make her happy by getting her another Pokemon. However, destiny had other plans.

    On Christmas Day, a fifteen year old Luna was drinking some hot chocolate before opening her presents. She heard something at the door. It sounded like a slight scratching noise. Her father opened the door to see a Glaceon pup looking up at him. It was emaciated and sickly. It whimpered as it collapsed to the ground. He took it in, and along with Luna, tried to nurse it back to health. Many ‘touch-and-go’ days passed before there were any clear signs that the Glaceon was getting better. Slowly but surely, it gained weight and became healthier. During this, Luna never left the Glaceon’s side. Months later, the Glaceon returned to full health. Her father had originally planned to release it back into the wild, but he saw the joy that the Glaceon gave her. So, he reluctantly let Luna keep the Glaceon. When he told her the news, he saw all of the happiness and joy return to her. Just like when he gave her Panda. Even though Glaceon would be tougher to take care of, the happiness on his daughter’s face was worth it.

    A year later, Luna had been focusing more on her studies, and developed a new passion for writing and poetry. While she never really wrote Poetry for herself, the poems she did as school assignments were incredible. Same went with her short stories. Her father couldn’t believe how intelligent his daughter was in the subject of creative writing. Of course, Luna did well in her art, history, and science classes as well. Like her father, Luna’s weak subject was math. That didn’t stop her from her real mission: To be a Pokemon trainer. Her father was repulsed at the idea, and suggested that she continued her studies. She felt destroyed. All she wanted in life was to prove herself and her father that she could achieve her dreams of being a Pokemon trainer, all while pursuing a career of being an author. When she received the letter from Trebloome academy, she felt like her chance had finally arrived. She persuaded her father, and finally, after a few days, he agreed that she should go. So, with Panda and Frost by her side, Luna began getting ready to travel to Trebloome Academy. She was glad to get that thorn, known as her father, out of her side.

    Theme Song: "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson


    Name: Panda
    Species: Skitty
    Gender: Female
    Extra: She wears a red bow around her neck.

    Name: Frost
    Species: Glaceon
    Gender: Male
    Extra: His theme song is "Love like Winter" by AFI.

    Name: Obsidian
    Species: Absol
    Gender: Male
    Extras: He's larger than normal Absol, therefore making it possible for Luna to ride on his back.
  3. Serenity
    Name: Rose Marlene Bedingfield (Code name: February)
    Age: 24 (Birthday: February 8th)
    Sex: Female

    Appearance: Rose stands at about 5’8, and has soft, feminine curves. Her skin is pale, and her face is a heart shape with ruby red lips, and an innocent smile. Her eyes are chocolate brown with charcoal eyeliner and mascara making them stand out. She has long, vibrant, bold, curled, scarlet hair that falls to the midst of her back. Her outfit is a crème turtle neck, a black, flowing knee-length skirt, and nude open-toed heels.

    Personality: Despite her fashionable appearance, Rose is actually very innocent and sweet. She is a big hopeless romantic, and often goes around playing cupid for people. She’s also clumsy and makes mistakes from time to time, but that hasn’t stopped her from doing her best. While she is on the bad side, Rose isn’t one for conflict or drama. She would rather be neutral and stay out of situations, but if that fails, she tries to use love tactics to stop the quarreling. She isn’t sure how she joined December, nor does she remember anything before joining December’s team. Winter is her favorite season, and of course, her favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day. At night, you’ll either find her writing poetry or singing love songs. Her calm disposition makes her easy to get along with, but people also find her to be annoying.

    Backstory (Definitely a work in Progress): Rose Marlene Bedingfield was born in Snowpoint City, Sinnoh. She grew up with a family that had some decent money, so she had most of her wants and desires. Even with an education, specializing in literary arts, creative writing, and English, she wasn’t happy. At age 21, she sought out on a journey to discover what she was really looking for. She had set sail for Hoenn, and had participated in contests. However, she still wasn’t happy. She spent three years in Hoenn, competing in contests and battles, trying to fill the void in her life. It failed as well. On her way back from Hoenn, she was involved in an accident that resulted in her getting amnesia. She was alone and scared until she found solace in December and the other months. From there, she put all of her faith and trust in them, and joined them. After joining them, she began to slowly gain her old personality back, and even gained the memory of her Pokemon. After a while, she was bestowed the code-name “February” due to her love for romantic things among other factors. Now, she hopes to become a teacher and show people her love of writing, romance, and poetry.


    Crimson the Ninetales (Male)
    Innocence the Altaria (Female)
    Cupid the Luvdisc (Male)
    Evergreen- Leafeon (Male)
    Delilah the Clefable (Female)
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