Facts about Octy (for those who even care xD)

Facts about Octy (for those who even care xD)

  1. Serenity
    ~My real name is Ariel.
    ~My middle name is Nicole.
    ~You're not getting my last name from me. XD
    ~My birthday is August 29, 1992. (Hence, I'm going to be turning 20 this year).
    ~I am a Virgo.
    ~I was born in the year of the Monkey.
    ~I live in Kentucky, United States.
    ~I am a southern belle.
    ~I have a very distinct accent that people either love or hate.
    ~I'm a Christian though I don't go to church much.
    ~I am hoping to one day become a counselor.
    ~I love animals.
    ~I have the worst self-esteem
    ~I don't think I'm attractive in any way, shape or form.
    ~I make many mistakes.
    ~My family doesn't think I'm good enough in their eyes.
    ~I'm a million lightyears away from being perfect.

    I'll add more later.
  2. Karamazov
    A Southern Belle? D'aww

    And I've seen your picture on Skype. You're lovely. :3c
  3. Serenity
    Yes, unfortunately.

    Thank you, but I don't see the loveliness. XD

    Anyways, more random facts.

    ~I'm dating a wonderful guy♥
    ~My favorite seasons are Winter and Autumn
    ~I don't like the heat
    ~Math and science are my weak points.
    ~I do better with reading, English, and History.
    ~I like to draw
    ~I always try to write stories, but I never actually get to write them. XD
    ~I love food. XD
  4. Steelrush
    Can I see one of your stories?
  5. Serenity
    I don't have them written. XD


    ~I do have many pet peeves
    ~I am emotional and moody a lot
    ~I have too many favorite Pokemon
    ~Pizza Hut and Taco Bell are <3
    ~I might be volunteering at the animal shelter this summer
    ~I'm a big hopeless romantic
    ~I love Harvest Moon
    ~I absolutely love sleeping
    ~I really dislike school
    ~I really want to be able to get married and have children one day.
    ~I always sleep with the ceiling fan on
    ~I get easily stressed out
    ~Any form of math, science or history is the death of me.
    ~ Art, computers, English, creative writing, acting, etc. is my domain
    ~I can't stand strong scented perfumes or colognes
    ~I don't watch TV all that much
    ~I do however watch Ridiculousness, NCIS, HGTV Channel, FoodNetwork, Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids, Say Yes to the Dress (both original and Atlanta), and a few other shows
    ~I love the smell of the ocean air
  6. Feralize
    Quote Originally Posted by Octy
    ~I can't stand strong scented perfumes or colognes
    This. If you need Axe body spray that badly, you need to shower xD
  7. Enzap
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